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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Morning Inspiration

GREAT morning beautiful people!!

The time is always right to do what is right.  ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
If I had to choose 10 words to live by, the words above would be all I need. Isn't it true? Isn't it always a good time to do the right thing? How much does doing the right thing really cost you? It takes an extra 5 seconds to hold the door for a woman you see struggling with bags. How long does it take to pick up an elderly man's cane he accidentally dropped? Although doing both of those things are free, I see so many times when people dont stop to do whats right.

Have we really become *THAT* busy? Does it matter who needs our help? I used to think it the duty to help was engrained in us so 'help others' went without saying, but when I see people walking around a fallen elderly citizen I realize its no longer true.  If we aren't willing to help the elderly or the disabled what kind of people have we become? We walk around with our beats blasting, twitter apps rolling and we are in our own little world. Too busy to notice things happening around us. I'm not saying its just you all because I'm guilty of it too.

 I'm not asking you to give up your career and become an ambassador for peace or donate all of your earnings to charity, I'm just asking you to do what you can. When I was younger, my grandmother used to tell me "you should hope you live to see the things an old woman has seen" and it still resonates with me today. To know what I have experienced in a quarter century and all the wisdom I think I have, I know nothing but wisdom can come from someone who lives to be 3 times my age. I challenge you to sit and chat with your elders. Learn your history. Hear the stories and then share them.

*Jumps off soapbox*

Dont do what you know is wrong today in hopes that you will be able to correct your wrong doings tomorrow. The time to do what you know is right now. The time to act how you know you should be acting is right now.  The time to strive for excellence is now. The time to speak your accomplishments into existence is now. The time to build your network is now. The time is ALWAYS right to recognize your self worth. Do not sell yourself short by putting your dreams off until a later day. Give the gift of motivation to yourself!!

Today's song choice: James Brown-Say it LOUD! 

Spread Love!!

P.S. Punxsutawny Phil says we're going to have an early Spring this year! I'm hoping his prediction is true!

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