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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Morning Inspiration

GREAT morning everyone!!! Happy "almost Friday!!"

" I had no idea that history was being made.  I was just tired of giving up."  ~Rosa Parks

Have you ever stopped and wondered if anything you are doing will make "history"? Not just history in your hometown or history in your friend circle but history on a larger scale. I'm talking national history or making the history books of your college or university. I'm talking "a street is named after me" history. Maybe I'm a narcissist but I think about this all the time. I wonder how I will leave my mark on the world on a daily basis.  I assume many of you are the "movers, shakers and gunners" of your community and I commend you. Whats your motivation? Do you want to be part of the "cool kids" or are you simply motivated by reaching the pinnacle of success?  

Imagine being Rosa Parks and doing something your spirit moved you to do and you end up making history! Since I know the back story behind the bus boycott I wont go so far as to say Rosa Parks simply refused to give up her seat for the heck of it, but I will say maybe she didn't know the full impact of her actions on that fateful day. Sometimes we do things and we don't realize the full impact of our actions until days, weeks or years later.  This often happens with random acts of kindness where people take a few moments to get over their initial shock at your behavior before they recognize the value of your actions. Fact is, if you're doing something because you want some form of recognition you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Just sayin...

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Consider this true story: 
You receive a sandwich you ordered from a place where you were told you could "have it your way" only to realize it has everything you asked them to leave off. It quickly turned into "have it the way we want you to have it." Instead of allowing them to trash the sandwich you decide to give it to the homeless man standing outside asking everyone with two ears to "help a brotha out with anything you can spare." You felt terrible for not having any spare change and thought the burger would compensate for your lack of coinage.

You receive your corrected sandwich and exit the joint. Before the homeless man accepts the sandwich, which is clearly from the fast food joint he is standing 5 feet away from, he gives you the third degree about the origin of the sandwich and what you might have 'done' to it. You insist that he believe you didn't tamper with the sandwich and threaten to throw it away if he didn't take it. He grabs the sandwich from you and drops it on the ground. Shocked and perplexed at the experience you think twice about your decision. You find yourself wondering what kind of people he has interacted with that have caused him to question random acts of kindness from strangers. 

The point of the story is to show you that people will not always appreciate your kind actions. Further, do not allow the actions of one ungrateful person to affect how you treat others who are down are their luck. Listen to your spirit and follow your heart. You may not make national history, but you will impact the lives of others. Dont fret when it appears your actions have gone unnoticed or unappreciated, know that someone is always watching you! 

Today's Song Choice: Luther Vandross-Never Too Much

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