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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Morning Inspiration

GREAT morning everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Black History Fact: During the 1940s, psychologists Kenneth Bancroft Clark and his wife, Mamie Phipps Clark designed a test to study the psychological effects of segregation on black children. It has since been referred to as "the doll test."

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. -Thomas Jefferson
There are two types of people: Those who have learned to control their mental attitude and those who haven't. Don't ya hate dichotomies? Aren't there always outliers? Are you always the outlier? Dont worry, I still love you. Back to the point of this post. When it comes to controlling your mental attitude, the only difference between those who can't and those who can is the decision to control it. You have to become proactive about controlling how things affect you. Why do you think people mourn differently? Why do you think people handle pressure differently? They have (although unconsciously) decided how they will deal with LIFE.  You decide how LIFE affects you. Got a flat tire? You can either get frustrated and upset OR you can get proactive and exit the vehicle to change your tire. Got a broken heater in the dead of winter? You can either sit in your home upset 24/7 or you can grab a few blankets with some snacks and snuggle up. My point is this: sh*t happens things happen. Everything will not always be perfect for you. Everything is not perfect for everyone else either. Don't be fooled, some people deserve Academy Awards for the airs they put on. If you haven't learned to see thru them yet, just know you should be skeptical of anyone who pretends bad things have never happened to them. Everyone has lost a relative or a dog. Everyone is dealing with something but we all decide how outside forces will affect us.

It amazes me when people act like they can't control their mental processes. Aside from irregular brain functions and other medical issues, you control your mental attitude. Just as you decide when to put your right foot on the floor and get out of bed, you decide the state of your mental attitude. If you want to have a positive attitude, decide to have a more positive attitude. Proclaiming it will help you make it happen. On a side note, learn to deal with your personal problems in your personal time and deal with your professional problems during your work hours. Why? One thing I have learned is if your personal life is not in order, it will leak over to your professional life. There is only so long you can use work to run from your personal problems. There is only so long you can use your personal problems to run from work; eventually you will run out of sick days. Today's challenge is for all of you to see just how much you can control your mental attitude. I'm going to test myself today too. As a Florida girl to my core, I will be tested today with wind gusts of 45 mph and temperatures of 22-39 degrees. I hear you wondering why its relevant. Usually when its *this* cold I am in a bad mood and I spend my entire day cursing the day I decided to move away from my sunshine. I declare that today will be different. I have decided the only thing I will allow the forecast to dictate is what I wear today. No I haven't gotten dressed yet, dont judge me. The point is I am making the proactive decision to have a productive and positive day today despite my inhibitions about 45 mph wind gusts. Today is about us and our mental attitude.  Its your choice: Get your mind RIGHT or get LEFT!

Today's Song Choice: LL Cool J-I need Love
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