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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Morning Inspiration

GREAT morning everyone!!! Happy Hump Day!

Sometimes you need to be jolted back to reality with two words: DO better! Sometimes all you need to hear are four words: "You can do it" or "I believe in you" or "Get the job done!" Sometimes we don't need a pat on the back to know we did a great job. Silence accompanied by a nod and a smile is all you need.  I recognize that we don't always need a 3 page essay to tell us what we need to hear which is simply this:

Have a vision. Be demanding. -- Colin Powell

Grab a mental pen or pencil (because sometimes we make mistakes) and draw your vision of success. One of my friends is a journalist who is launching his own magazine very soon. Like many of you he heard about the recent sell of the Huffington Post for $315 millie and commented that they "set the standard." In short I told him what I think you should all hear:  Set your own standard, build your own brand and demand success.  Be confident in what you have and dont sell yourself short because of naysayers. Hold on to your dream and DEMAND that it becomes your reality. Get out of your own way and eliminate self doubt. Live your life according to what you believe success looks like for you. If you measure success with dollar signs and Huffington Post sold for $315 millie then build up your empire and sell it for $316 millie! Got it? Good!

Today's Song Choice: Big Daddy Kane-I get the job done (LIVE!) Salute!

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