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Thursday, June 09, 2011

African American Music Appreciation Month 2011

African American Music Appreciation Month continues with...
Soul Train, The Hippest Trip in America

Soul Train premiered on October 2, 1971. The first episode included a performance by Gladys Knight and the Pips of "Friendship Train" and "I Don't Wanna Do Wrong." Eddie Kendricks performed "It's So Hard for Me to Say Goodbye" and "I Did It All For You." The Honey Cone performed "Stick-Up" and "Want Ads." Bobby Hutton performed "You're My Only Reason."

Viewers tuned in weekly to get the latest in new dances, fashion and style. Hosted by the legendary Don Cornelius, who was the subject of one of our previous Salutes, Soul Train became a cultural icon. It featured appearances from African American acts like James Brown, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, Marvin Gaye and so many more!

Don was the first person to put this name on the credits of a television show as Executive Producer and he was the first person to actually own his own tv show. Soul Train continues to hold the honor of the longest, continuously-running first-run syndicated program. Whats more, Don Cornelius' legendary deal for TV ads for Johnson Products FINALLY gave viewers advertisements they could relate to. Who could forget those afro sheen commercials? 

Peep the footage below for a look at the famous soul-train line to the tune of the O'Jays Love Train. 

No African American event is complete without a full blown soul-train line. Yes I know how racist that statement is but in my world, it is also a true statement. I'm not ashamed to admit I look forward to them so I can brush up on my dance skills and show off some new moves! Its not an easy task to dance and move down the line at the same time. 

Peace, LOVE & Soulllllll!!! 

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