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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

African American Music Appreciation Month. . .

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One hit wonders
Since we're winding down to the final days of African American Music Appreciation month I figured it would be nice to celebrate those not so successful musical artists who still managed to give us something to hum to while our eardrums vibrated to the sound of their voice. A one hit wonder is a person or group known primarily for their success on one single. Why are they so-called? Because they have ONE HIT and then you WONDER where they went. *zing* The songs have catchy beats even more catchy lyrics and become wildly popular as a result. Unfortunately, the artists were unable to match their success with follow up projects. 

Look on the bright side, whenever someone talks about the top "one hit wonders" these artists are likely to end up on said list. Don't feel sorry for them though because I'm sure they get some pleasure from even getting their ONE hit. Some people never even have that.  

1. Tag Team Whoop there it is

The catchy chorus was fun at first then it became annoying. Was it just me? Ooh ok. The group saw a short-lived resurgence in popularity last year as there were rumors President Obama appeared in the video. Check the dude at the 1:00 mark. WHOOP there it is! 

2. Adina Howard Freak Like Me

Oh how I looooovveeeee Adina Howard for this song! Not that I thought she was singing about me or anything. *whistles and walks away*  

3. Shanice I love your smile

This jazztastic and catchy song climbed to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991. *singing* do do do do do do do do. I love your smile! 

4. Digable Planets Rebirth of Slick (Cool like that)

Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) earned Digable Planets a Grammy for best rap performance by a duo or group and commercial success that tapered off with the release of their follow up project. 

5. Quad City DJs C'mon Ride it (The Train)

You're likely to hear this song at a skating rink on a Saturday night. 

6. Soul for Real Candy Rain

Technically, they had a follow up project that was mildy popular but when you think Soul for Real you don't think Every Little Thing I Do because you're too busy humming the tune of Candy Rain. 

7. Afroman Because I got High

This song was the theme song of the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Let me tell you kids something about drugs m'kay? Drugs are bad M'kay? 

8. Jesse Powell You

The song peaked at #2 on the R&B charts and #10 on the Pop charts. 

Whats your favorite song by a one hit wonder? 

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