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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Freakum Dresses & Hot Tub Rendezvous: 5 ways to SPICE up your life

A few months ago I found myself in one hell of a FUNK.  Replace the "N" with a "C" and thats how I felt about pretty much everything for that short time. Thats right, I felt like it was all FUNKED up. But you didn't come here to hear about that so lets move on. Allow me to explain what I mean by FUNK. First off, its a feeling NOT a smell. By the way, body odor is NOT cool and perfume does not cover it up. Back to my point.  I don't mean the kind of funk where you don't shower for a few days. I mean the kind of FUNK where you don't feel like yourself. Your energy levels are lower than normal and you have fallen into a You're a tad bit more irritated than you usually are, you don't feel like doing much more than what is required of you. Your home is a bit messier than you normally allow. Most people would say you suffer from depression (if you think you do, you should go see a clinical psychologist), I say you have fallen into a funk. 

Snap out of it! 

Caveat: I know there are some people who have never been on a plane and  I recognize some people still don't have their passport. I recognize that many Americans are still struggling to introduce their ends (see what I did there?) but I also recognize that falling into a rut can make things seem worse than they are. I am by no means suggesting that people should go broke to make themselves feel better nor am I suggesting that you have to money to feel better. Having extra cash certainly does help but if your pockets are empty and you are determined to make a change you can find ways around it.

About the title: I was brainstorming a post today and I came across an old Spice Girls song. YES I still listen to the Spice Girls, I feel you judging me and I don't care.

Here are 5 ways to break yourself out of that FUNK you recently realized you fell into:

1. S: START looking for different things to do. Its easy to get into a routine. Once you're into a routine its easy to fall into a rut. Once you're in a rut its easy to get stuck in it because it becomes comfortable. Getting out of the rut is the challenge. Once you recognize you're in a rut and you decide to get out of it, start looking for things to break your routine. Implement an exercise regimen into your daily routine.   Google your current city and find out different events to do for the weekend. For those looking for an EXTREME change, look into transferring to a different branch of your company or transferring to a new location. For those looking for minor changes, you should change your nail color or switch up your hair style. Wearing brighter and more colorful clothing helps your moods as well.

2. P: PUT yourself in danger. Ok that might be taken a little too far. I'm not saying go out and start a fight with Smokey the Bear or start a forest fire. I am saying you should get out and do something that raises your adrenaline levels. Go to a theme park and ride all of the roller coasters sitting in the front row. Go white water rafting. Skydive. Bungee jump. There are few more exhilarating things you can do that might not involve risking your life:

Ladies, when you're going out for a night on the town with your girls, wear that dress you wouldn't normally wear. You know the spandex one with the insanely low back? Yea that one! Its called a freakum dress. Pair it with those high heels you haven't worn in a while. Tossle your hair with some curls and BEAT your face to no end. Go out and take over the dance floor. Enjoy yourself without reservations for what other people might think.

Gentlemen, go out for a night on the town with your friends. Put down your Xbox Live Call of Duty and get yourself out of the house. Go with the mindset that you are going to have a good time. Break from your usual spots and try out a new crowd. If you usually go to a loud club, try going to a lounge this time. Try a new kind of drink and get out to talk to people. Learn a new skill. If none of that works, you can't go wrong with strip clubs or sports. Its even better if you can combine the two. Find a place where strippers mud wrestle.

3. I: IMMERSE yourself in a new culture. Go to a different country, or even a different state, and learn about a new way of living. Try new foods, go on a museum tour and find out about their historic sites. If you don't have the funds to go to a new place, volunteer for a few hours at a shelter. The experience will help you appreciate the things you DO have and you will give back to your community. Seeing the impact of your time will help you feel better. Guess what else helping the less fortunate helps you with? Now that you have seen people more down on your luck than you, you can open your eyes and see just how GREAT you have it. Seeing other people down on their luck, you job doesn't seem that bad and your spouse isn't so annoying anymore.

4. C: CHECK into a hotel. You don't have to go far to find a nice hotel. Even if you check into a hotel near your home, the change of scenery will help you spice up your life.  Put on the fluffy robes and slippers and order tons of room service. Take time out to lounge by the pool or soak in the hot tub. Depending on the hotel's guest policy, you may be able to invite some of your friends to lounge with you. If you're single, sit by the bar and flirt with a few folks. Step outside of your comfort zone. If you don't have the money for a hotel, ask a friend or family member to allow you to spend a few days in their home.

5. E: ENJOY being alive. Life really is too short to sit around sulking and feeling sorry for yourself. Whatever caused you to fall into your funk should be acknowledged but its time to get over it. Be thankful that you were given another day of life. Decide that you want to get out of your funk. If you don't already do so, start taking a daily vitamin and make it a point to get outside for a short walk 4-5 times a week. Embrace your life! It is truly a gift. I know it sounds a bit whacky but if you genuinely embrace being alive you won't allow yourself to waste it being in a funk. We all have our grungy days and our lazy days but you should have them both in moderation. You were blessed with a life that has a purpose.  You deserve to live your purpose and the world deserves to benefit from your gifts.

'Memba this song?

Did I miss anything? What do you do to SPICE up your life? How do you keep yourself from falling into a FUNK? 

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