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Friday, June 10, 2011

Morning Inspiration

“The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that's the day you start to the top.” -Unknown

There is a scene in The Nutty Professor when Professor Sherman Klump's slim alter-ego arrives to his date with Ms. Carla Purty (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) almost an hour late. In a somewhat predictable fashion, Buddy arrives just as Ms Purty decided to leave. YES you read that right, she was so patient and optimistic that when he arrived she was still there waiting on him. He didn't apologize to her for wasting her time yet he greeted her with, "You are too fine to be giving me curbside service." Instead of taking responsibility for being late and giving a legitimate explanation,  he lets off a slew of excuses: 

My car ran outta gas.
I needed fresh drawers. 
My mother's sick. 
The car broke down.

Buddy made a HUGE scene that obviously embarrassed Ms. Purty but the two went on to enjoy their date. I guess...

I know it is a movie with a script and fictional characters. I also know the movie was meant to be a comedy, but there is still a lesson to be learned. Let me learned you. Imagine if Buddy had greeted Ms. Purty in a humble way by beginning with an apology for being late?  OR what if he respected her time enough to call the restaurant to ask them to tell her he was running late? He would not have had to worry about spitting bogus excuses because the two would have been on the same page. 

There comes a day in every young professional's life when he/she realizes the power of taking responsibility for his/herself. If that day has not already come, I hope today is *that* day for all of you. If not all of you, a considerable majority of you. If not a considerable majority, at least one of you. Each one teach one right? 

From this point forward, take full responsibility for yourself. Become unapologetic for who you are and stop making excuses for who you are not. Change for the better but do not compromise yourself for the sake of making others more comfortable. What relief you will feel once you stop looking around for things and people to blame. Instead of looking around for someone else to blame, look within yourself to understand where YOU went wrong. Don't make excuses and don't allow excuses to make you.

One last thing, remove the phrase "Well thats just the way I am" from your repertoire of sayings. If you truly hope to change and adapt, you cannot be closed minded in your growth process. Stay true to your core while recognizing what you're willing to sacrifice. Let it marinate. 

Today's Song Choice: Tinie Tempa-Written in the Stars. Love the message in the lyrics!

Don't forget your Happy Friday dance!

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