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Monday, June 13, 2011

Morning Inspiration

Good morning folks!! I hope your weekend was restful and enjoyable. Its time to get back to business. Take a moment and 

There are no short cuts to any place worth going. -Beverly Sills.
Allow me to explain something to you all: Everyone who reads Talented Generation is a SPARTAN! What is the difference between Spartans and regular people? Spartans are KINGs and QUEENs who recognize that they are equipped with an incredible ability to reach an unheardof level of greatness. Spartans go after what they want. Spartans are intelligent warriors who never back down from a worthy battle. Spartans are relentless and meticulous. Spartans are respected by most and feared by some. Spartans NEVER give up and we never lose. Most importantly, Spartans ALWAYS get the job done, with excellence. 

We falter, we trip and we make mistakes but we continue to see everyday as a new opportunity to make progress. Your presence is a present. Learn to see your shortcomings as motivation to find a different way to prevail. As a Spartan you must face all challenges head on. You do not allow anyone or anything to force you to retreat. 

We are the masters of your own destiny. If you truly believe in the vision you have for your life, remember short cuts can be costly. It is better to evaluate the possible outcomes of your decisions before choosing what seems to be the easy way out. Work smarter, not harder. 

Spread Love! 

Today's Song Choice: Bob Marley-Buffalo Soldier. 

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