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Monday, June 27, 2011

Morning Inspiration

Good Morning beautiful people! Just in case you missed it on Twitter, today is the first day of Bey Week! In celebration of her official album release date this upcoming Tuesday, I decided to allow my STAN status for Bey to shine thru. I would apologize to all of my readers who happen to have resisted the sting of the Bey swarm, but I don't like to say things I don't mean. You mad? Lets hug it out and move on. 

“There's plenty of days when I'm like 'Oh God, why?' But that's just life. It's every job, not just mine. Every moment is not perfect. But it's definitely more good times than bad. You can't even compare. And when I'm on stage it feels incredible.”  -Beyonce Knowles

Mondays are usually the day when people wake up questioning their commitment to their job. Is it just me? So all of you embrace waking up at 7am to board a crowded train? Oooh ok. Thats what I thought. Some Mondays are easier than others. While we're being honest, some Fridays are easier than others. I sometimes wonder about what life would be like if I just called in one day & quit but thats only because I like to hit the snooze button 6xs in the morning. I generally enjoy what I do but there is something about having a weekend break that makes Monday *that* much less appealing. If you are blessed to earn a living doing what you love without dealing with annoying co-workers, count your blessings. If you are blessed to NEVER want to call out of work just to sleep in, count your blessings. If NEITHER of the aforementioned sentences apply to you, we are kindred spirits. *e-hugs and cheek kisses* Regardless of which side of the fence you live on, I encourage all of you to recognize that nothing is perfect and your job is no exception. Although I may joke about not being a morning person, or loving everyone I work with I also recognize that it could be worse. I could be much worse off than I am now and so could you. *knocks on wood* I know the economy is not in the best shape right now but life is too short to dread getting out of bed. If you don't have the freedom to leave your job, make it your mission to find something positive and change your outlook.

 When you have the opportunity to do something you are passionate about, you will experience and incredible feeling. 
Today's Song Choice: Beyoncé-Diva

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