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Monday, June 20, 2011

MOVIE CLIP MONDAY: "Did You Get The Memo?"

Its Monday and for many of us it means the weekend is over and it is time to return to work. Since we have gotten today's Morning Inspiration out of the way, its time for us to have a little heart to heart. Did God invent GREAT jobs only to balance them out with co-workers who make you question your sanity? Between the creepy janitor guy, the lunch stalker woman and the wanna-be supervisor who constantly walks by your desk and glances at your computer screen looking for a reason to snitch I'm not sure which one is worse. I take that back, I KNOW which one is worse but since my co-workers might end up reading this I'm going to continue to pretend like I don't know which one is worse. Moving on.

We're family here, right? Oh you didn't know that? Now ya know. ::e-hugs and air kisses::

Everyone has those people at work who annoy them to no end. NEWSFLASH: If you don't think you have any of those people, YOU are that person! Do you know who annoys me THEE most? The people who borrow my office supplies and FAIL to return them. Guess what that leads to? When I want to staple a document I have to ask them to borrow MY stapler. I am one who truly believes sharing IS caring, but some people will "share" you right out of your office supplies if you let them. They will "borrow" you out of highlighters, notepads, pens and paperclips without a second thought. Thats just my office? Oooh ok. Let he/she who is without qualms about their job throw the first stone. I digress.

Unlike the sight of the "computer screen police," Movie Clip Monday is here to provide some "viewing pleasure."

Although the marketing for the movie SUCKED, the movie Office Space is filled with all kinds of awesome-ness. Part of that awesome-ness lies in the scene aptly titled "Did You Get The Memo?"

When asked "Did you get the memo?"although I respond with "Yes I saw your memo, thanks for the update," I WISH I got a hallpass. I sometimes want to say "Nope I didn't notice it BLOCKING my screen when I came in and I missed the way you printed it on fluorescent tangerine paper and taped it on the office refrigerator. I also missed the text to my phone and the email blast you sent. In short, hell yes I got your memo how could I miss it?" Just me again? Oh ok.

Peep the scene "Motivation" below.

Motivation Problems

Office Space

Those darned TPS Reports!

...and next up is the epic Printer Scene.
Office Space Printer from Shang Xiao on Vimeo.

Oh how I wish I could have this fax machine moment. At this point, our printer has gone kaputz for the 81st time. How do I know this? Because everytime it goes on the fritz it automatically installs a new "copy" and guess what copy we're on? If only I could take our printer to an abandoned field...*sigh*

...and for the GRAND finale, I present to you Milton "I believe you have my stapler" Waddams!

I hope these movie clips helped you get over your Monday blues because they sure helped me!

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