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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Newark Black Film Festival Celebrates its 37th Anniversary!

June 29 – August 3, 2011
Wednesdays, 7 pm (Adult)
(Youth 1 pm starting July 6)

The Newark Black Film Festival (NBFF), is celebrating its 37th Anniversary as one of the nation's defining voices on behalf of independent film, opens in Newark with adult screenings beginning on Wednesday, June 29, with a six-week run ending on August 3.

Youth Cinema will be held on Mondays at the Newark Public Library and at the Newark Museum on Wednesday beginning July 6.
The festival is a showcase for films that focus on the experiences and concerns of contemporary African Americans, as well as an outlet for films about the African American experience from earlier eras.  The six-week festival is free to the public and provides emerging filmmakers, writers, directors and producers with a high profile outlet for their work.
The festival features the Paul Robeson Awards in 2012, a biennial competition established in 1985.  The Robeson Awards honor the spirit of Paul Robeson—renowned activist, scholar, performer and athlete.  Winning films will be shown at Newark Screens on Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ.

I hear you complaining about seeing another Madea movie. I see your tweets about predictable black films that have star studded casts just to fill seats. SeeJumping the BroomMy people spend so much time complaining about the quality of Tyler Perry's movies & plays and how they depict African Americans so get out and support other film makers! I respect Tyler Perry for what he does in terms of making movies and keeping black actors & actresses employed but I think he is merely a drop in a bucket. Its time we started to support each other more often. If you want to see more brown faces on the silver screen there is only one way to make it happen: SUPPORT them! 

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