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Monday, June 06, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!

A teary Rep. Anthony Weiner apologized on Monday for having "inappropriate" telephone and email conversations with six women over three years, though he said he did not break any laws and would not step down.

Last week, a photograph appeared in Weiner's Twitter feed showing a bulging crotch in grey underwear. Weiner said the photograph was "a prank, a hoax" but did not deny that the picture was of him. Breitbart alleges that Weiner used a personal Yahoo email account to send that same photo to another woman. 

Weiner, who appeared in a ballroom at a New York City hotel, said he sent the initial photograph as "part of a joke," and that he deleted it in a panic after he realized it had been sent to the public. He said his decision to lie to the public was a mistake.
"I was trying to protect my wife, I was trying to protect myself from shame, and I really regret it," he said. He said she knew about some of the online relationships before they were married.
"I'm not resigning, and I'm going to try very hard to go back to work a better man and a better husband too," he said.

This guy is only hurting our political environment and living up to the stereotype that all Politicians lie, cheat and try to live above the law.  Makes me sick. I don't believe him and I think he will need an ARMY before I believe him.

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