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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Former NFL Player Shot to Death in Front of Son By Police After Scuffle


Former NFL player Deacon Turner was murdered in front of his son by police on Sunday, July 10. Turner, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals in the late 1970s, was detained by police in Bakersfield, Calif., after a store clerk called police on teens who were asking adults to purchase beer for them.

Turner was with his 19-year-old son and his 16-year-old friend when police began to question them. After a few moments of talk, Turner walked away, and police began to scuffle with him. According to the police report, Turner hit Deputy Aaron Nadal on the back of the head with a bag holding beer cans. Deputy Wesley Kraft took out his gun and fired twice at Turner who was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.

Kraft should be investigated by the FBI and charged with murder. Instead of using a baton, mace or stun gun, he shot and killed an unarmed man in front of his son.

Police across America have murdered black men at alarming rates for decades. It’s important that we fight police brutality by forcing our representatives to enact severe laws that will prevent police murders that are unjust.

No profession is safe from having people who make it difficult for the rest of the people. Bad apples, if you will. This story is by no means a representation of what police officers do or how they normally behave but the fact is IT HAPPENS. The problem with that is that it should not continue to happen.

I decided to post this story because I think it needs to be read. People need to be conscious of what happens. I am not here to bash police officers as I have two GREAT friends who are officers. That does not mean I do not think they should be held accountable for their actions, especially when it costs an innocent man his life. Until we unite in our fight against this issue, it will continue to occur. Unarmed black men will continue to be murdered in front of their children, on the day before their wedding and while walking down the street.

Just think about how many "accidental shooting" stories don't make the news. Are you going to continue to read news stories like this one and move on with your life? Some of you will. Some of you will wonder how you can make a difference, but once you see how much work it might take to get your voice heard you will back away. BUT 1 or 2 of you will actually take a step the majority of people won't take and you will actually DO something. You can contact your state and local representatives. YOU have the power of the vote and that means YOU have the power to determine what the issues are. This issue should be added to the list.

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