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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Morning Inspiration

Great morning beauties! Its time to be INSPIRED! 

Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before.  ~Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

It is said that when a person lives with an open mind he/she is more likely to learn something new everyday. I am confident that all of you are open minded, so I ask you to ask yourself this: WHAT are you learning for? WHO are you learning for? Do you simply want to be able to converse at intellectual functions? Do you seek knowledge because you want to improve yourself? Do you seek knowledge because you want to impress yourself? Do you truly care about what you learn or do you care because you think other people will care? 

Think long and hard about your answers before you try to lie to yourself. 

Do you know what happens to the knowledge you fail to apply? Of course you know the answer. Everyone knows the answer. Or maybe not. When you fail to apply knowledge, you lose it. What good is it to continue learning if all you do is acquire the knowledge? You've learned better ways to interact and connect to people? So what! Are you going to apply and share the knowledge or are you just going to write about it in your diary? You say you've learned tips for becoming financially savvy but you don't apply them to improve your finances? Whats the point? Why did you learn about being smarter with your money if you're still making dumb decisions? Who cares if you know how your credit score is calculated if you don't keep track of yours?  You've learned about how you respond to stressful situations but you don't manage your stress levels. Do any of these things make sense to you? Its harder to deny it when you see it written down. I harder to ignore something when its staring you in your face. I am a visual learner so it  helps me to see visual images of my mistakes. 

Did I step on your toes? I hope so!  

Stop wasting your brain space learning things and not using them. In the very least, take time out to share your knowledge with others. 

Tis all, for now. Spread Love! 

Today's song choice: Jill Scott-A Long Walk

P.S. Where the heck did my summer go? Independence Day has passed and now I know time will start to fly. This makes me oh so very sad! 

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