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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Morning Inspiration

GREAT morning beautiful people!! Happy Hump Day! Congratulations! Why? Because you have made it to the mid-point of the week. Ok that was a little lame but you get the point. Don't cap like you haven't hit any rough patches this week. The days you thought would never end are behind you and its time to conquer a new day. Oh that wasn't what you were thinking? Well good for you! Check out today's quote:

"Pain is your friend; it is your ally. Pain reminds you to finish the job and get the hell home. Pain tells you when you have been seriously wounded. And you know what the best thing about pain is? It tells you you're not dead yet!" -Master Chief John Urgayle (From the movie G.I. Jane)

As my folks in the military would say, PAIN is weakness leaving your body. I agree because you experience pain when you push yourself to your limits. Pain is a sign of progress. No pain, no gain right? The more you push yourself the more you will feel pain. For example, I jog about 3 times a week. Each morning I teeter on whether I should go farther than my normal route. I teeter because I have to decide whether I want to feel the pain that comes from pushing myself a little farther or if I will be satisfied with completing my normal distance. On the days when I follow my normal route, I feel zero pain. On the days I decide to push myself the extra mile, I can feel the difference. But guess what else? After I have pushed myself to go the extra mile my normal route becomes easier to conquer. My point is once you have pushed yourself beyond the point you thought you could not go you become a stronger person than you were before. You will find it easier to complete more basic tasks and the more you push yourself the more confident you will become. Before long, you will start to feel invincible and adventurous. Embrace that journey!

I realize we have all gone through our own trials but I think its a universal truth that through those trials you realized how strong you really are. There may have been nights where you cried and that is ok. I believe it was the prophet Lyfe Jennings who said, "crying is like taking your soul to the laundrymat." What I hope all of you know is that you are worthy of being happy. I don't mean Facebook happy where all you post is positive status updates. I don't mean walking around merely thinking you deserve to be happy, I mean I want you all to be genuinely filled with joy so much that your happiness adds an unmistakable glow to your skin.

Some of us (myself included) have been fighting doing what we know we should do because of fear. We fight taking the leap of faith because we are control freaks who like to know the outcome in advance. Do not be afraid of doing something because you have never done it before. You deserve to see your dreams come true. If you have been off of the beaten path lately, find your way back. Consider this an urgent message for all of you to get more serious. Lets be honest, you aren't getting any younger. People say its never too late to follow your dreams, but why wait? Why allow anything to get in your way? I would like to hear your justification for not following your dreams. I understand you have bills, hell I have bills too but thats not stopping me from finding time for my passion. Eventually, I plan on turning my passion into a business but until that time I don't skip a day where I'm researching, writing and learning new things. My leap of faith is coming soon, I hope yours is too.

I love ya like a fat kid loves cake.

Today's Song Choice: Mariah Carey-My All

SN: I'll be moving today so excuse the lack of posts. 

P.S. Best of luck to those sitting for the bar today, especially in states like Cali & Texas where they have a 3rd day of testing tomorrow. I'm rooting for ya!

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