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Friday, July 29, 2011

Morning Inspiration

GREAT morning my beauties! Did you miss me yesterday? I missed you. I was so distraught by our separation I was forced to console myself with some retail therapy. Isn't that AWFUL? I know, I know. Ok, I'm kidding but doesn't it make you feel good to feel like someone missed you? Moving on. 

Here is today's quote:

If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.  ~Johann von Goethe
I had a random epiphany yesterday while I was driving listening to Monica. Now granted, it could have been the way she sang "You're everything to me..." but I'm gonna give all the credit to the man all the way upstairs-God. Now for the past few weeks, I have become comfortable going to church alone, praying and reading my bible. I can say this in confidence because there was a time when I didn't do any of these things alone. If I didn't have a friend to accompany me I didn't go to church. I didn't pray on a daily basis and I trusted my parentals to tell me about the bible. I'm not ashamed to admit that. You can judge me all you want but your judgment is not what matters to me. I appreciate you reading though *bats eyelashes*. I'm proud of my growing faith. Do I still have one foot in the "world?" Yes I do. Does this mean I will continue to make mistakes? Heck yes! Now back to my epiphany: You cannot share your blessings with everyone. Sad, huh? Now I admit I may be a little late on this, but I always recognized that I could not share my struggles with everyone. I learned that lesson the hard way. What I never really thought about was how sharing your blessings could affect people who are not as blessed. When I hear about someone being blessed, even when I'm not where I want to be I am genuinely happy for them. I know its hard out here for a pimp. I am happy when my neighbor is blessed because it means my time is coming since God is working in my neighborhood. It reminds me that God is still blessing people and I recharge my faith in him. Everyone does not understand that. Everyone does not embrace that. I realize all of you do not believe in God but I do. I do not apologize if you have a problem with that. I am not saying you should not GUSH about your blessings, you deserve to celebrate your accomplishment. Just saying, be careful. 

Random fact about me: One of my fears with sharing is that I am not just sharing with the person Im talking to. My best friends have best friends. My best friends have boyfriends. I accept that sharing with my friends in serious relationships also means I am sharing with their spouse and I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is when people share things to folks outside of the circle of trust. For all of you visual learners, here is the circle *draws circle* and here is the person who inadvertently knows my business is on the outside of said circle *points outside of circle*.  How does this fit in with the rest of the post? It doesn't, but I wanted to share it anyway. 

Share to your heart's desire but do not be disappointed when everyone doesn't throw confetti your way. Everyone will NOT be happy for you when you secure a job in this recession. Everyone will NOT be happy that your household has two incomes. Everyone will NOT be happy that you are not burdened with children and you have the resources to travel as you please. I know the title of this post is "morning inspiration" but I would be remiss if I didn't also give you a dose of reality. I hope I didn't stir up any trouble. 

Today's Song Choice: Maxwell-Pretty Wings

Peace & Blessings!! 

SN: If you're in the DC/MD/VA area this weekend, partake in the festivities of the Omega Psi Phi celebrating their centennial! I'm sure they will be filled with ample opportunities for debauchery and unforgettable moments. Congrats to the Ques! 

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