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Monday, July 11, 2011

Movie Clip Monday: "The Lion King"

Today's edition of Movie Clip Monday is brought to you by the wonderful-ness of The Lion King. 
PAUSE!! 2 Lion King Posts in ONE day?! Something is afoot.  You're right! I'm excited about the upcoming release of TLK in 3-D! I realize some of you are still in denial about just how powerful this movie was and I feel sorry for you. Yes, I just said that. Me feels sorry for ya. You can allow yourself to be turned off or verklempt about the fact that I chose to use The Lion King but the movie had more than a few powerful life lessons. Don't blame Disney because you thought only animals lived in Africa. Don't be such a control freak that you want to control how life's messages come to you. If you're so bent out of shape thinking, "I can't believe she expects me to watch a cartoon and learn something about life" you're going to miss the lesson. MESSAGE! I haven't even mentioned the awesomeness of the ENTIRE Lion King soundtrack. Fret not my loves because just like death and taxes, the music post is coming. Bottom line: TLK is a prime example of what happens when you STOP running from your destiny and START embracing who you really are. It also taught me that family will bring you down quicker than strangers. Anyway, take a page from Simba's book and learn a little somethin' somethin'.

Quick recap:
Simba went from (1) singing about impatiently waiting to become king to (2) watching Scar murder his father to questioning whether he was meant to be King in the first place. (3) Simba believed Scar when he told Simba Mufasa's death was his fault. He meets Timon & Pumbaa, a meerkat and a warthog, shortly after he runs away from his home and family. (4) Timon and Pumbaa teach Simba about Hakuna Matata. (5) After a visit from that crazy, but wise, Baboon named Rafiki, Nala and the ghost of his deceased father, Simba finally remembers his destiny. (6) He finally returns to claim his rightful place as the KING of Pride Rock and the whole world is renewed.


Eff you Scar!!



It means NO WORRIES!!


Remember WHO you are!


Recognize what REALLY happened: Simba allowed the words of someone with an ulterior motive to delay the realization of his destiny. He listened to outsiders who made him doubt the things he knew all along. When Simba became strong enough to stop running, he became ready to accept what he was meant to become. At first he was afraid to fight but then he realized that  he had to fight to defend his dreams.

Nothing worth having will come to you without a fight. You will experience disappointment. You might even feel like a failure sometimes. When we are down and out sometimes we choose to spend time with the people we know won't call us out on our BS. They are the people who will allow you to live a mediocre life and run away from hard work. They do not know about the dreams you had before you met them so they won't shake you up when you choose to give up on your dreams. Thats why when you're really going through something its easy to avoid your real friends. You know your real friends wouldn't go for the BS your "new" friends allow you to get away with. The drama you're causing? Tell the stories to your new friends because your old ones will check you and you know that! Timon and Pumbaa were nice and fantastic but they did not compare to Simba's relationship with Nala, his mother and Rafiki. Timon & Pumbaa took very good care of Simba as he healed from the loss of his father and abandoning his home. Simba never forgot who he was, he just chose not to think about it. They taught him a new way of life and showed him a different way to survive with a  but the visit from his soulmate Nala gave him the push he needed to finally stop running.

Now I hear what you're saying: sometimes you need to escape your environment in order to start brand new. Tis true BUT (there is always a but) don't allow yourself to forget where you came from.

Final note: Rebuke anyone who interrupts the vision you have for yourself.

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