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Thursday, July 07, 2011

MUSIC NEWS: Beyoncé Drops Video for "Best Thing I Never Had"

The message behind this song is so powerful. What does it mean when someone is the best thing you never had? This song encourages us to let go of the love that didn't work out. We all have had relationships we struggled to let go of but the best thing you never had is that thing you wanted sooo badly but it wasn't until you stumbled upon something better that you realized it wasn't meant for you to have it. That ex you thought you were meant to spend the rest of your life with? Let it go. The ex you thought you loved more than you could ever love? Yep let that go too. Don't allow yourself to carry around the pain of a past breakup. If you continue to hold on to what happened in your past you won't be able to fully open up your heart to experience a new love. You deserve to love again. You deserve to be happy again. You deserve to recognize that it is not your fault it didn't work out because it wasn't meant to work in the first place. If it was you would be together right now. Your past loves will want you back when they realize how awesome you are but you have to allow yourself to move on. It sucks to be them right now! It might not sound easy now but when you are blessed with something else you will realized that holding on to that "thing" was blocking your blessing.

"I'm glad I found the GOOD in GOODBYE!"

I always loved this song but the video just made it one of my favs. Show 'em how its done Bey! This vid is Fierce (note the capital F)!

I dedicate this post to every woman who has ever been had a broken heart and to every man who was strong enough to see past her pain. :-)

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