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Friday, July 01, 2011

SPORTS NEWS: Mike Vick Re-signs his Contract With Nike

In a wonderful turn of events, Michael Vick has re-signed his contract with Nike! CNBC has learned that, in a remarkable move, Nike, which severed Vick’s contract in 2007 after he admitted to his involvement in a dogfighting ring, has re-signed the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. “Michael acknowledges his past mistakes,”said Nike spokesman Derek Kent. “We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.” 

Vick’s longtime agent Joel Segal told CNBC that “Michael is excited to have a long-term and strong relationship with Nike.” The deal was done by Chicago-based attorney Andrew Stroth. Vick now travels around speaking about animal abuse outreach. 

After a great season on the field in 2010, corporate America started to give him a chance again. Unequal Technologies, which was making Vick his protective gear to go under his jersey, signed him to a two-year endorsement deal in January. Two months later, Vick signed a deal with Core Synergy, a titanium-infused, silicone wristband brand. At the end of the season, Vick's No. 7 Eagles jersey was the sixth most popular in the league.

His autobiography, "Michael Vick: Finally Free,” hits stores July 27. Vick is selling 7,777 signed copies on his official website for $99.99. New York-based Bombo Sports & Entertainment has an agreement with Vick and the NFL to make a documentary about his “rise, fall and resurrection as a player and a person.” Bob Potter, the producer of the yet-to-be-named documentary, says the film will likely be released in theatres some time between Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl. The film will also have a DVD and TV component.

Vick also signed an exclusive autograph deal with Las-Vegas based J.O. Sports Co. in December.
In case you missed it, check out his interview on 60 Minutes.

Caveat: I felt bad for Vick when everything happened and I still wish the best for him. I was a fan of the #7 Falcon before it happened, I felt bad for the way the media crucified him and I rooted for his comeback. Are you judging me? Guess who doesn't give a sh*t? I'm not one of those people who walks around upset because of what a celebrity does. Why? Because I'm a grown a$$ woman and my parents didn't leave me to be raised or heavily influenced by a celebrity. I focused on positive role models in my community who took time out to bless me with their wisdom. Beyonce is cool but she doesn't help take care of me. I have enough of my own issues to worry about. Is being mad at Vick gonna help me pay back my student loans quicker? Heck no. So what am I hating on him for? Shoot with some of his new endorsements, I might need to start writing letters to him asking for help. I'm kidding, but not really. Its hard out here for a pimp. Besides, I have a life of my own and I can't keep up with all of their indiscretions. 

I know how some members of my community are critical of black celebrities who commit crimes. They believe black people who commit crimes are given a pass if they have a superior gift i.e. athletics, music, art, etc. I don't think they get a pass because of their unique ability. I give them a second chance because people deserve to have them. Why shouldn't people get a second chance? If you funked up wouldn't you want people to forgive you? 

Ask yourself a few things: How would you like it if you were constantly reminded of ONE mistake you already made amends for? How many things have you done that you seriously regret? How many of your (secret) mistakes do you think about constantly? How many of those things ended up landing you a spot on a list of "most hated" people? Don't worry about answering those. 

When I fall short no one can punish me more than I can punish myself. I am my biggest critic. People need to get off of their high horse and realize people make mistakes. The key is to show how you learned from them and not just allow your shortcomings to keep being so.

I understand they have an influence and all but when will they get a break? Do we really expect them to keep squeaky clean images? Have you ever thought all they want to do is share their gift with the world? The media puts unfair pressures on them to be super humans. Who the heck can do that? I won't go so far as to be insensitive but I'll be a monkey's uncle if I exert my energy being mad at Vick or Chris Brown or anyone else for what they did. Granted, we might not all have the same shortcomings but I would like to see what skeletons some of you are hiding in the closet. Oh you live in a glass house? It would behoove you to put your stones in a safe place. 

When you're under a stringent microscope, your actions will be scrutinized. Was Vick the first to fight dogs? Was Breezy the first to hit a girl? Was Tiki Barber the first person to leave his pregnant wife? Hell no. Was Alicia Keys the first to break up a marriage while traveling the world as a humanitarian? Probably so. *giggles* Allow me to pontificate something: They WON'T be the last. As we speak, there are people fighting chickens, dogs and cats. People would fight goldfish if it was entertaining. Domestic violence is a real issue in America and so is violence and cruelty against animals. Guess what else is a crime? That illegal music you have on your iPod. *zing*

Its funny to me (not ha ha funny but like hmm that made me think twice funny) how people will run away from you when you misstep. His sponsors backed out, his lady friend started complaining and his "friends" went into the land of the shadows but I'm glad Vick kept his head up. 

Let this be a lesson to all of you. If you were raised in the 'hood, leave those 'hood tendencies behind! Leave your 'hood friends and their 'hood activities behind. Once you get more than one comma in your bank account, its time you change your mentality. You don't need friends who will drag you down. You don't need 'hood credibility, move your a$$ to the suburbs! 

I love comeback stories! Congrats Vick! 

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