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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The verdict is IN: Casey Anthony is NOT guilty

Its official! Casey Antony has been acquitted on all major charges involving the death of her daughter & was only convicted of several counts of "providing false information to a law enforcement officer."

To say the verdict was SHOCKING would be an understatement. I saw the outrage on Twitter and Facebook. I was in Florida when little Caylee went missing so I was more than a bit skewed by my experience watching the trial play out. As a student of the law, I honor her defense team for zealously advocating for her. I also recognize that proving "beyond a reasonable" doubt is more difficult than most people understand.

I took time to step back and view the trial from an objective standpoint so I have managed to scoop my face off of the floor & accept it. I think all of you should try to join me. I must admit that I find it appalling that people were so outraged that she was acquitted of most charges but I think it is an example of our justice system at work. If you don't have evidence and the prosecution does not prove their case, the defendant should be acquitted. Unfortunately, there are areas (see, . Its amazing to me that it is more difficult to invoke the same outcries for people wrongly convicted based on circumstantial or falsified evidence. YES this still happens. There are people doing LIFE sentences based on circumstantial evidence.

Your thoughts?

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