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Friday, August 19, 2011

Funny to Me: Affion Crockett Does Dave Chappelle, Manny Pacquiao, Drake, President Obama, Russell Simmons & Tiger Woods Impersonations From His New Show

Affion (I can call him that because we're friends, in my head) and his impersonations have a special place in my heart. From his Deuces spoof to his take on Officer Ricky, he keeps me laughing. I wish him the best in his new venture. Word on the curb is that it premiered on Fox a little under a week ago. I didn't watch it because...well I don't watch Fox. The format of Crockett’s half-hour program resembles Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central hit “Chappelle’s Show,” with Crockett serving both as host and star. IF you haven't removed Fox from your TV lineup I'm sure it will be funny. I'll catch the reruns on Hulu or Youtube. All the best Affion!

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