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Monday, August 22, 2011

Funny to Me: LaLa Anthony Encourages Women to "Take Back The Perv"

LaLa Anthony is the latest celeb to take part in a hilarious skit with the people at Funny or Die. LaLa Anthony was not happy when she found out that of all the perverts in the world, only 10% of them are women. In her skit LaLa and a team of women hope to "Take Back The Perv" as they demand their right to be perverts. 

LaLa gathered a few fellow pervs and decided to start a campaign to find more female perverts who aren't afraid to flash their privates in public, read porn or do a whole host of other freaky things. Peep the skit below:

Take Back The Perv with La La Anthony from La La Anthony

I'm with you LaLa! More women should become pervs! *giggles*

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