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Monday, August 01, 2011

MUSIC NEWS: Diggy Simmons Drops Vid for "Copy, Paste"

2 music posts in one day? I must be in a great mood! Now I hope ya'll see how much I love new music. Diggy Simmons just released the video for his single "Copy, Paste." Check it out below.   

I remember watching little Diggy when he was on Run's House with his fam. I appreciate his music and his hustle so I commend his efforts to make his mark on the music industry. I guess this pushes his big brother Jo-Jo even further into obscurity. How awkward it must be when convos about success come up at the dinner table and Jo Jo remembers his attempt to break into the music biz. Just saying...

SN: HOW CUTE is Diggy?! I'm excited to see how far he takes his talents.

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