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Friday, September 16, 2011

Morning Inspiration

GREAT morning beautiful people! Happy Friday! Here is today's quote:

We will always have seasons of struggles and testing. There are times when everything we attempt to do will seem to go wrong. Regardless of our prayers and consecration, adversity will come. We can’t pray away God’s seasons. The Lord has a purpose in not allowing us to be fruitful all the time. These periods destroy our pride in our own ability and reinforce our dependency on the sufficiency of our God. -TD JAKES
The quote above is powerful enough in and of itself. If it didn't affect your spirit, read it again. I chose to share this quote so that I could take the time to encourage you all to share your struggles. We all go through rough times and are made stronger because of them. Through it all hold on to your dignity and continue to fight.  I am not here to tell you everything will get easier because that is not always true. I do want to encourage you all to take everything-good and bad-in stride. Before you question why you are going through something, seek to recognize the purpose for your adversity and learn from it. Step down off of your high horse and open your eyes. 

Today's Song Choice: Father Can You Hear Me

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