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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Movie News: Lesson Before Love

While the media continues to spend time attacking black love, African American directors like Dui Jarrod are using their resources to spotlight the positive things about it. In his first feature film, Lesson Before Love Jarrod explores the journey single people go through on their quest to find "the one." 

Shot and cast in Atlanta, the movie is about four single people who meet online and then meet up face to face for a night on the town.  Their interactions send them on a journey of self discovery.  They must learn to love who they are in order to find the love they want. 

Check the trailer below: 

Lesson Before Love screened in New York's Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University on Friday June 29th and opened to good reviews. The stars of the film are all newcomers: Kenneth Brown, Jr., Shamea Morton, Peyton Coles, and Reece Odum.

The creators of the movie are working behind the scenes to get the film released in select markets across the US. Keep your eyes open for this fabulous flick! In the mean time, check out their interactive website here. 

Love it!!! 

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