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Friday, September 30, 2011

Video: WHY Some Men Expect Sex on a 1st date

 So this amazing person decided to take time (3:08) out of his obviously busy schedule and educate clueless people on the primary reason why women should "give it up" on the first date. Take a look-see:

Nice try fellas but this chick AIN'T buying the bullsh!t you're selling. Lets see... he's crying about spending: $40 for a tank of gas, $30 movie, $20 popcorn and drink and then $60 for dinner. That runs you about $150 if my math is right. I don't feel like checking it. Sue me. As far as I'm concerned, that is a CHEAP DATE. Yea, I just said that. You have to work your way UP to getting away with the $20 dates to Applebee's after 10pm. You can't come with those straight out of the gate. Hell if she loves you enough, you can get away with a Happy Meal date to McD and she won't judge you.

Before we go any further, lets take a step back.

Caveat: I acknowledge not all dates are between a man and a woman but thats all I have had experience with. If any of my homosexual readers would like to chime in on their experience, please enlighten me. Thanks for reading. Moving on...

I don't know what kind of car he drives or what kind of restaurants he frequents but first dates can run you a car payment if you're not careful. I sympathize with men because they are usually the ones dropping the VISIBLE dough on the first date. The man goes above and beyond to front like he's ballin impress the woman and I appreciate all of you for that. What I want all of you to understand is that women do the same thing! Just because we're not swiping our Visa on the date doesn't mean we didn't drop major dough to look cute for your ungrateful  He's whining about $150? Since we're talking about money spent, lets explore the other side of this situation shall we?

What about the $100 Steve Madden heels we copped yesterday with our date in mind? Granted, we will have an opportunity to wear the shoes again but thats besides the point. Stay focused *giggles.*

What about the Calvin Klein dress we copped (even though it was on sale) to wear for YOU? That sh*t was $50! We are already at $150 and she hasn't even gotten to hair and make up yet.

What about the matching Mac eye shadow and Dior mascara she got just for the date? Thats another $40+

What about the eyebrow threading appointment and the mani/pedi with gel nail polish? We're climbing past the $200 mark. Yes, this happens. Pick your face up off of the floor and keep reading.

What about the time I spent in the salon on my OFF week just to make sure I look fresh and cute for you? Oh you're crying about spending $150? How much do you think a pack of Indian Remy runs in a store? Oh you don't know? Try $100s/ounce! For my natural sistas (like me) how much do you think I spent to get my stylist to press my hair? Oh you guessed $50? Try $95 BEFORE the tip. That leaves our tally at around $400-500 just to get cute. It costs money to look good. Before you complain about dropping $150, think about the money she dropped to look like she didn't spend 3 days prepping her mind and body to meet you for a "cheap date."

Lets be real here, the reason he wants to have sex on the first date is because he wants to have sex on the first date. It has NADA to do with the amount of money he spent. He has spent that amount of money on a woman before without a "happy ending." He has gone out with a woman who has ordered the most expensive thing on the menu without so much as a hug at the end of the night. NOW he wants to try you because he thinks you're gonna fall for the game, "but baby I spent one hunnid and fiddy dollas on yo fine Lemme just put the tip in." There is no shame if you do, but do it because its what you want NOT because it will make him feel like he got his money's worth.

I don't want to get "preachy," but this is the very ideology that has led young women to have sex at a time when they aren't ready. He wants to convince you that giving you a ride home is enough work for him. Treasure your cookie. Don't give it up to any jerk just because he feels you owe it to him. Don't give it to the first man to call you beautiful and don't use it as a weapon or tool to keep a man around. If he doesn't want to stick around because he likes you and not because he likes you putty cat, let him walk away.

What do you think ladies and gentlemen? Is the amount of money he spends on the date enough consideration to let him see whats in your panties? Also, I know the point of this video is to serve up some good ol comedy but should sex really be broken down into monetary terms? Should women allow themselves to feel pressure to have sex because of the amount of money a guy spends on her?

Thanks for sharing the video Bunny!

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