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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Daily Inspiration

GREAT morning everyone! First off, let me start by saying ITS MY BIRTHDAY so that makes it an even GREATER morning!!! Yay me! Second of all, its my birthday!!! Ok ok ok, I'm done I promise! Here is today's quote: 

Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us. -Alan Cohen

Forgive me, but the post below is a wee bit lengthy. I felt inclined to share. 

Its amazing what you remember when you allow your mind to stop and think

I remember the time when my older sister and I tried to ride our bikes through the mud and we both fell. I remember throwing away our clothes because we knew we'd get in trouble. I remember seeing my stepmom in the hospital deteriorating from Stage IV lung cancer. I remember how I felt when she hugged me for the last time.I remember how I felt when I hugged my first niece after she came home from the hospital. I remember falling so deeply in love with her  that words couldn't explain. I remember my first love, and my first heartbreak. I remember the times I felt like God was mad at me. I reflect on those moments now as a time of growth for me. I learned to listen to myself and trust my gut. I've learned that even when it seems like my world revolves around something, its still considered one of the "small things" when I take a step back.    

Its amazing what you remember when you allow yourself to be humbled.

I never realized how easy it is to forget how far you've come. I remember growing up in Belle Glade and being teased for looking so different. I remember crying to my father because I didn't feel beautiful. I remember my first day of college. I remember how many times I wrote my personal statement for law school. I remember staying up late nights studying for the LSAT while still balancing a full course load. I remember how I felt when I first got admitted to Howard Law. I remember calling my friend so elated that one of my dreams had come true. I remember how I felt when I first hit 100 page hits on my first blog.  I remember how it felt to dance with my father at the Debutante ball back in 2004. I remember teaching my younger sister how to ride her bike and the first time she rode without training wheels. Its amazing what you remember when you humble yourself. I remember not getting the score I wanted on the LSAT the first time. I remember not leaving "on time" to move to DC.

I said all that to say that I want all of you to stay humble. Stay in touch with who you are at your core. Most importantly, keep God first (or if you don't believe in God, keep your faith at your core). Its easy to praise him when things are going your way, but I challenge you to thank him for the challenges that shape your character. I challenge you to find joy in your life EVERY SINGLE DAY. I challenge you to NEVER allow yourself to go around feeling sorry for yourself. I challenge you to be grateful. I challenge you to be humble. I challenge you to be good to yourself and to live a lifestyle that works for you. My birthday wish is that you will accept this challenge and go on a journey to create a better life for yourself. 

Peace & Love

SN: I'm maddddd late but CONGRATS to my HUSL (especially Section III) folks for BEASTING their bars! From Florida & Georgia to NY to Cali and every state in between I am proud of all of you! #swag 

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