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Friday, February 03, 2012

**UPDATED: Music Monday: Drake's "Practice" (official video added)

Someone in Drake's camp gave him the "okie doke" when it came to his decision to remake the classic hood anthem "Back That A$$ Up." I'm not knocking Drake's efforts BUT...ok I'm knocking Drake's efforts. Some things should just be left alone. AND YES, my opinion is based solely on my not so shameful love for the original song. Its also influenced by my opinion that Drake's album is softer than a cotton ball soaked for a fortnight in baby oil. You mad?

As for the official video, either the budget was low or Drake owed the featured "model/dancer" a favor. I guess it's a sign of the direction music videos are takin. Long gone are the "Thriller" or "Trapped in the Closet(tehehe)" productions where directors and artists put forth maximum efforts to give the fans a quality video. Now all we see is a stiff (unconfirmed twerk team reject) chick fake dancing in front of a mirror. I've seen better amateur vids on Youtube -__-<<--that right there is the blankest of blank stares.
In case you can't tell, I'll just put it out there:
It looks last minute.
It looks basic.
It looks like everyone involved said "f*ck effort."
Its not a classic song so after a month, no one will care.

There! I said it! Don't be mad, you were thinkin it! If you weren't, mosey on over to WSHH and watch videos of ratchet girls fighting on the train.

I don't see the genius behind his album and I don't think having a few club hits that can barely be tolerated 2 months after removed from radio circulation qualifies him to carry his nuts like he's the greatest to ever put his mouth on a mic (pun!). Don't get confused, I'm not knocking his hustle or his success. I just struggle with separating *this* Drake from Wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi. The original is everything Drake's remake is not and will never be. Drake doesn't seem concerned with making classic music or lifelong anthems we can listen to years from now. Lowkey, I can't blame him because people making classics aren't banking the type of dough Drake is banking(or claims he's banking). If making music for the people right now is his steez, more power to him. It seems he's found a formula that works for him and thats fine.

BTW, just in case you're not UP on the Big Ghost Chronicles blog click here and prepare to giggle yourself to tears. You're welcome.


Publius said...

I didn't finish the song, but I made it as far as 1:49 before a three year old overheard it and gorilla smacked my computer with a elephant for being too soft.

This dude is so soft they put him on fabric softener boxes.

Rickeysha G said...


I just think he took the remake too far. The original is a urban club BANGER for all intents and purposes. This one will be played while women give birth & while men are on their way to crash the "Girl's Night Out" of their ex girlfriens. I cant say I like this "direction" Drake is going in but I know men who could relate to him. That doesnt make this SOFT ish ok.

Iselldreamz said...

whoa... this is Kyra Chaos... think the video is just to show off the model.. song and her dancing is irrelevant lol

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