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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music News: Bey Drops Vids for "I Was Here," & "End of Time"

Beyonce is releasing snippets of her performances from her concert taped live at NYC's Roseland in August in the form of music videos for her latest megasuccessful album, "4"

Check the vids below:

I Was Here

The video features , the superstar shared personal footage from her life, including her childhood, her early days as a performer, her rise to fame with Destiny's Child, her fantastic solo career, various performances, charity work and her romance with Jay-Z including footage of her wedding dress. Love this video!

End of Time

This is also a snippet of her performance at Roseland in August.

By the way, the Elements of "4" 2 disc DVD set will be available starting November 29.

Bonus: Countdown

Gotta love Bey! She still REIGNS!

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