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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sharing is Caring: Iyanla Vanzant's 7 Rules of Power


Many of us think that our power is a tool or a weapon, but, in fact, power is a state of being, the way you see, hold and handle yourself in the world that then determines your experiences. The external world can only respond to the way you hold and handle yourself internally. If you show up as weak, broken, confused and dazed, the world is going to respond to you that way. If you show up as confident, kind, compassionate and loving, then the world is going to respond to you that way. 

This is why we have got to understand that you do not have to do anything to have power. 

The rules are excerpted from my new favorite show Oprah's LifeClass on OWN. The author and relationship expert offers her insights on the one strength every person in the world possesses. 

That said, there are some surprises when it comes to your power, ones that, if understood, can improve your ability to tap into it: 

1. Power is your birthright. Your power goes back to something very simple. 

At the highest spiritual level, you are made in the image and the likeness of the creator—whatever you call that creator—the source of life, the source of all things. You are one with that source—the same source that makes trees, tornadoes, sunshine, the ocean, the mountains, people. You have the same capacity, the same inherent light and the ability to create. This is your birthright. You were born with power. No one can take it away. 

2. The only thing that can diminish your power is your belief that you do not have it. Repeat this to yourself. Every day. 

3. Gold stars do not affirm your power. The way life is designed, we are programmed, conditioned and educated out of our power because we have been programmed, conditioned and educated to please others, to do what others say and to do what others are doing. Here's my classic story: When I went to school, they used to have a board where, if you did your work well, you got a star. There were gold stars, silver stars, green stars, blue stars, red stars. Now, red stars were not good stars. But at least you got a star. Well, when it came to writing, I could never get that little hook on that a. I just couldn't do it. I don't know why. I always got green stars: great effort, just not perfect. It confirmed my belief that I wasn't good enough because I couldn't do what somebody else could. What I know now is that comparing ourselves to others is an act of self-violence, as is living up to the expectation of others or not listening to your gut. These acts are about other people. These acts are all about external validation. Power is you. Power is standing up as your true self. 

You can read the rest of the rules, here

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