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Sunday, December 18, 2011

FUNNY TO ME: Jesus Gives the Broncos a Pep Talk

By now, you all should have heard that the Broncos lost their first game since "Tebow-mania" took over the football world. In a way that only the folks at SNL could do, they created a skit about the Tebow "phenomena."

Disclaimer: This is NOT a video about religion or Jesus. The video pokes fun at Tebow. I think everyone who perpetuates the theory that Jesus spends his time helping teams win football games trivializes Jesus and his power. To think he would prefer to help Tim Tebow win a friggin football game (although I'm sure he gets MILLIONS of prayers for him to do so) rather than helping suffering children or anyone else who may "deserve" or "need" a blessing doesn't make sense to me. Doesn't it make you wonder if God has a favorite team tho? Do I know how Jesus spends his time? No. You know what, nevermind if I keep going I'm sure I'll manage to ruin everything funny about the skit. Just watch it.

Tebow has been open about the reason he believes he managed to win the games. Anyone who has tuned in to ESPN in the past few weeks has been inundated with news, comparisons to other quarterbacks (Hey Cam Newton! *wink*) and overall Tebow d*ck riding. I got so sick of it, I stopped watching. I hope when I tune in tomorrow morning, they will have found something more interesting to talk about.

How about those grand jury testimonies in the Sandusky case?

Like I said, the skit was funny to me.

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