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Monday, January 23, 2012

MOVIE NEWS: Red Tails is officially a BLOCKBUSTER, or is it?!?

Can a movie with a cast of ALL BLACK ACTORS "do well?"
Can George Lucas single-handedly change the plight of black actors/films by paying for a movie with his own money? 
Will audiences venture out to see an action movie that only features African Americans?  

I know you're tempted but don't  just read 'em like they're rhetorical, those are actual questions. 

Can it? 
Can he? 

The above are questions people have been faced with long before Red Tails was released. If Red Tails is the measuring tool, then you can nod your pretty little head in the affirmative.  The reports are in and the movie grossed over $19 million in its weekend debut. 
Thats fantastic, right? 

The movie seems to have beat a Hollywood stereotype but at what cost? 
Would people have gone out to support the movie if George Lucas and the cast, and other famous Hollywood-type folks had not spoken out about the need to keep producing films like this?

Excuse my bluntness but I ::have:: to ask: did people really go see the movie because they wanted to or did people go see it because they of the guilt trip speeches heralded at them? Everybody got in on the promo. I read stories about how President and Mrs. Obama hosted a group of Tuskegee Airmen at a private screening in the White House theater and stars of the movie went around the country treating audiences to free screenings. I'm not knocking the uniqueness of the promo tour because I can appreciate actors who are genuinely interested in the success of their movie. 

What was I saying again? 
Ah! Yes! Red Tails. 

Full Disclosure: When I first heard about the movie, I planned to go see it before I heard about the story of George Lucas having difficulty making films. I wanted to see the film because I LOOOOOVVVEEEE movies centered upon black history. I LOOOOVVVVEEE movies with chocolate eye candy. I go see movies that feature at least one of those things. If I can get a movie with both->>>::swoon:: 

We all know these movies come few and far between. 
This bothers me. It doesn't bother me in the sense that I'm going to protest any studio that doesn't release "black movies." It bothers me the way waiting for my hot water to warm up bothers me. If I don't immediately get what I want, I'm willing to wait. This means I tend to not go to movies that lack the kind of subject matter (and chocolate eye candy) that I love. *Gasps* is that racist? Chill your melons. This isn't the time for you wolf crying heathens to howl at the moon of quasi-racism. If you thought it was, have a seat cuz you're wrong. Besides, I'm not about to explain or justify how I choose to allocate MY money for MY entertainment.

I knew black directors and producers like Tyler Perry *cringe* had issues getting funding but I thought it was due to some form of racism or some conspiracy to perpetuate the idea that black actors in America can't "carry" a movie. Hearing that George Lucas had issues getting funding [George friggin LUCAS] was a shocker. If HollyWEIRD wont' give this man money with his proven track record we might really be in trouble. 

*queue the knight in shining armor*

I would like to tell you that I'm one of the people wondering why we still have this conversation but I'm not naive enough to believe bullsh*t answers. These convos are still happening because African Americans are still not viewed as a powerful people. Yea, I said it! You mad? 

Have a seat with your I just wanna be mad to get attention  mad self. 

What is it REALLY gonna take for Hollywood to see "black" films as viable investments? Your guess is as good as mine. Matta fack, I don't wanna guess. I don't want you to guess either. Wanna know what I want? I want movies with predominantly black casts to not have to guilt audiences into a place where they feel a strong enough desire to pay for the movie. 

I'm happy Red Tails has been able to defy stereotypes. Truly, I am. I'm not satisfied or content just because the reports are good. That still doesn't mean things are gonna change. It might have come in at #2 and made 19 millie but it still didn't make Transformers money. It won't make Avatar money. In a community where money talks and bullsh*t walks (a thousand miles), we still have to speak with dead presidents. 

Bottom line, I don't want to have to go thru another 6 month guilt trip of negative media before hearing a story about a black movie *finally* making big bucks. Go out and support the damn movie people!

Sooo do I think Red Tails broke records? Do I think it SOARED at the box office? Why do you care? Ok that was mean. I'm sorry. I'll end with "no further comment."

What say you? Did you feel the guilty during the promo tours? Have you seen Red Tails? If not, do you have plans to support it? 

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