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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Music VIDEOS: J.Cole Drops Vid for "Nobody's Perfect" feat Missy Elliot

J.Cole has finally released the video for his much loved single "Nobody's Perfect" featuring the indelible Missy Elliott. Let me just say that Missy looks fantastical! I like J.Cole as much as the next fair-weather hip hop head but this song is one of my favs because of Missy. Missy makes the song and I'm sure that wasn't accidental. I realize some of you young bucks may believe Jay-Z is the biggest name J.Cole has ever worked with but Missy Elliott is here to make you think twice about that. I'm so glad she is back and I already have money put aside to actually buy her album(gasp!). If you can't recognize that Missy's imprints on the game cannot be touched or imitated you might as well delete all hip hop and rap from your iPod. Get your piece of the ME pie w/a sprinkle of J.Cole below...

I don't see this being a full on club banger, but I think the single will be big in so many other ways. Go Missy!

In case you have forgotten, get into some of Missy's biggest singles below:

Work It

Gossip Folks

Get Your Freak On

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