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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

VIDEO: Howard University Men STAND UP Against Racial Profiling

A few of Howard University's men have collaborated to create a video standing up against racial profiling and the killing of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. By asking "Am I suspicious?"the men bring a personal element to this situation by showing America how ridiculous the campaign against hoodies has become.

Enough rambling, take a look...

More information on the efforts of the Howard Community to raise awareness can be found at Things like this make me SO PROUD to call Howard University one of my alma maters. I'm overjoyed that so many of my colleagues have stepped up to the plate to bring awareness to this injustice. I'm HURT that my home state is once again under fire for not getting it right.

This past Sunday, I traveled to Sanford, FL to attend a rally in support of justice for Trayvon Martin. The trip was personally sponsored by Howard University students, the NAACP and anonymous donors. We traveled to Sanford to stand in solidarity with Trayvon's family and to see the situation first hand. I have to give a HUGE thanks to Representatives Corrine Brown(D-FL) and Sheila Jackson Lee(D-TX) for acknowledging our efforts in driving down to Sanford, FL on Sunday and showing up to the Congressional hearing in DC on today. I thank Representative Brown for her hospitality as she took us out for a generous sit-down lunch and made sure we felt welcomed. Going down to Florida, we were not sure what to expect but we went with our hearts in the right place. We didn't expect to have the opportunity but I am so very happy I took the trip.

I would be remissed if I did not also acknowledge the Mayor of Sanford, FL for taking time out of his schedule to speak with Howard students yesterday in Sanford. He displayed so much class and grace. I can't imagine that when he took his oath of office he anticipated such a thing would happen. For that reason, (and a few others) I salute him. From what I observed, he was hit hard by this situation and he doing all he can do to cooperate with the investigation.

RIP Trayvon Martin. 

As God as my witness, I will do my part to make sure Trayvon's killer is (at least) brought to trial and his family gets justice for his death. 

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