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Saturday, June 30, 2012

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown & The Game Diss Drake (lyrics & translation included)

In case you didn't know, an international war amongst light skinned & Canadian folks was started a few weeks ago when members of Chris Brown & Drake's camps started throwing bottles at each other. White people were hurt. Chris uploaded this picture to his Instagram after the fight, which is rumored to be over who really takes the best care of Rihanna's snatch. 

To commemorate their newfound love and set to the amazingly ratchet "Thats that shit I don't like" beat, The Game, Kanye West, Chris Brown and some others got together and decided to diss people. What people? C'mon now do we really care? Take a listen. 

Chris said what? "They throwin bottles. I'm throwin models. Just cuz I give a b*tch long pipe. Doin shows on the soccer field thats dome right? I be singin, he be singin so its on site (or sight). But hold up I aint give a n*gga no green light. This head up, my bread up. One-on-one what you scared bruh? *Ross Grunt* Mattafact take care bruh. You a p*ssy n*gga. My N*gga Tunchi, yea that n*gga nice. Shout out Nicki, man that ass tight. Them eyebrows? Man them shits is YIKES! OvO(?) you overdose screaming YOLO no I live TWICE." *giggle* Boy, you so lyrical. 
For those of you who don't understand the "hood" Chris is speaking, here is the translation: 
You hit me with a bottle, but I am hung like a horse and only have sex with models. You only have issues with me because I had sex with your girl. I sell out shows, which is like receiving fellatio. We both told our side of the story so it should not be a problem for us to handle this situation as soon as we see each other. 
I never said it was ok for you to go (after Rihanna). I'm rich and I'm challenging you to fight me. Whats wrong? Are you afraid of a physical altercation with me? Protect yourself. You're not someone I fear anyway. Props to Lil Wayne, he's talented. Nicki Minaj I think your hind parts are admirable. [Drake] your eyebrows are scary. Your motto, "YOLO" is whack and does not apply to me. 

I don't know if Drake is gonna stand for the eyebrow slander. That might be enough to start a(nother) riot. 

Doesn't the Game have a tattoo of a butterfly under his eye? Didn't his album go bronze fried chicken? Aside from that Chris Brown is a light skinned thug. No one takes them seriously unless they have tear drops under their eyes. As for Kanye, he is on probation for reasons unrelated to this song and totally related to his decision to date KK. That is not up for discussion. If you're wondering why his verse doesn't seem to "fit" its because he didn't record this verse with the rest of the folks. 

*Sigh* I just need Chris' PR people to get together. 

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