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Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh, You're STILL A Lebron Hater? Sucks for YOU ^___^!

Another post about Lebron and the Miami Heat? F*ckin right! 

Now that Lebron James and the Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champs after 5 games against the OKC Thunder, I *thought* haters would have something else to talk about. I thought wrong. For a second there I forgot what haters do: Hate no matter what. 

This time the hate backfired and motivated Lebron James to earn his throne and show the world why he is nicknamed The KANG! 

"He's not clutch."
"I will never be a fan of LeBRICK James."
"The Miami Heat belong to D-Wade."
"Lebron James is not a 4th quarter player."
"How can he be the King if he doesn't have a ring?" 
Say mashed potatoes and gravy. 

Whats the best way to silence a hater? WIN! Winning is what Lebron did and what he will continue to do. Even if he doesn't win another championship he will still be a winner. 

Lebron's finals demons have been exorcised and he deserves to be called the MVP of the finals and a CHAMPION. 

There are 3 things Lebron haters can't seem to stop saying...
3. "Skip Bayless said..." Lebron James haters' #1 source is Skip Bayless. He's the president of their pitiful ass Lebron Haters Club. They watch Skip Bayless everyday for pointers because they don't have an original thought in their brain. Their logic is "Skip Bayless said..." Skip tells the most 1/2 truths that are ever not the whole truth. Skip takes everything Lebron does out of context while sitting there filled with self-hatred and obvious jealousy. He's made a career out of hating the current best player in the game. Who do you think allowed him to build his career solely off of his feelings towards Lebron James?  People with miserable lives who need someone like Skip Bayless to validate their unfounded hate. I'm lookin at you, Lebron haters. Stop playing yourselves. 

2. "You're a bandwagon fan." Every year for basketball and football (I don't watch baseball), fans of the favored team are accused of being bandwagon riders. "If you weren't a (insert team name here) in 1995 and you're  fan now, you're not a real (insert team name here) fan. FOH with that! Calling someone a bandwagon fan is a cheap shot. Its an easy way to get them to justify their fan-dom. Thats how you have people claiming they were fans since they were kids. If you can't reach the player with your hate, go after the player's fans. So original. If I were a betting woman I would surmise 1/2 of the people who hate Lebron do so because of his fans. Haters think Lebron's fans are blind to his mistakes and missteps but that is not the case with the Lebron fans I know.  We see his mistakes just like a hater does, but we don't focus on it because we know he's only human. A hater acts like Bron Bron should hang himself after every game. Friggin lames. 

1. "...but Kobe has 5 rings." When all else fails, the Kobe fans come out of the woodworks and compare apples to oranges. There HAS to be an unwritten rule for all Kobe fans: If you love Kobe, you must HATE Lebron. No exceptions.  Wompity womp! Lebron's fans give Kobe his props but Kobe fans seems to struggle with the inverse. Kobe and the Lakers were not even in the finals but Kobe's fans found a way to work his name into the conversation saying Lebron isn't as great as Kobe. Kobe fans, Lebron James is currently the best player in the NBA and he's not showing any signs of slowing down or shutting down.  Oh, and I we see those "one ring" jokes coming so get some new material. If I were a Lebron hater I would have stopped hating the moment he said he felt sorry for me for being a hater. That wasn't enough for ya'll huh?

I'm not saying you have to be a Lebron James fan. I know some of you are a lost cause. Just know this: Lebron's fans need you to come up with something more original. Really guys, the things you say when hating on him have gotten old. 
Lebron took time to thank his fans for their support. 

Today is about Lebron's GREATNESS! His reign as the Kang is just beginning. Long Live The Kang! 

Get ready Carmelo and Mike Vick, the pressure is on you two now. 


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