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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sharing IS Caring: 20 Things to START Doing in Relationships

Its almost Friday.

Someone on my Facebook newsfeed helped get my brain working this morning when they posted this tidbit. I find it full of truth and simple yet profound advice so I decided to share. 
Not that at the top of the list is "Free Yourself From Negative People"<----if that aint the realest TRUTH to ever not be a lie! One of my other favs is "Leave Petty Arguments Alone."

I hope seeing these 20 things gives you all some inspiration about how to handle the relationships in your life. Since here are no specific references to the title you give the relationship it is safe to say these things are meant to apply to every type of relationship.

P. S. I really should stop posting things about relationships lest ya'll dub me a relationship blogger.


Lance Woodley said...

I can definitley appreciate this specific blog among others, because it pertains to so many areas of my life. This is due to my academic background in philosphy and theology and etc. I am 'SO' accustomed to writing argument's and defending ideas for research subjects in class that it sometimes carries over to personal relationships with friend and family members, everything becomes and epistemological debate over the smallest things that do not deserve to be nuanced by any personal ponitifications that is teologically futile with no purpose.

Rickeysha G said...

Indeed. Academics become so accustomed to making and defending complicated arguments that we sometimes forget to just go back to the basics in our relationships. It always helps me to see it written out in black and white. These are 20 one line sentences that can really change your outlook on life and the relationships we maintain. Thanks for reading!

Sharing IS Caring