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Monday, June 25, 2012

Three Years Later: Remembering "The King of Pop"

Today marks a sad day, as if social media users will allow us to forget. It is the three year anniversary of the death of the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson. I won't cap like I remembered the day. I remember birthdays not deathdays. Does that make sense? I'm not a fan of reminding a decedent's loved ones about the day they passed. I don't want anyone reminding me of the day my grandfather or my nephew passed. I can't imagine mourning and having people always reminding you of a day as tragic as this one was three years ago. I'm sure its a solemn day for his family, friends and fans. Instead of focusing on the day he passed, I want to celebrate the legacy of music he left behind. 

From ‘Got to Be There’ to ‘Invincible,’ Michael Jackson produced 13 No. 1 hits and earned 13 Grammys Awards. I have the some of the same favorites as many of you (PYT, Dirty Diana, and Smooth Criminal) but here are a few that might not trend on twitter today.  

1. Another Part of Me

2. Off The Wall

3. Will You Be There? 

4. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin

5. The Lady in My Life

7. Heartbreak Hotel

...and just because the song sends one of the most powerful messages EVER
8. Man in the Mirror

RIP Michael Jackson. There will never be another. 

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