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Monday, June 25, 2012

WATCH THIS: The 2012 NBA Champs Miami Heat's Celebration Parade

HEAT nation stand up!!!
#KangJames, Chris Bosh, D-Wade and the rest of the Miami Heat players and their families are currently riding around the city of Miami in celebration of their 2012 NBA championship. Fans are lining the streets and the players are still basking in the glory of their victory. The city has literally been shut down in celebration of the hometown team. Watch it live below!

Thank goodness for technology! I can feel the energy from the crowd and it feels ahhh-mazing! Is anyone else on watch for another Bosh photo(LOL)? I'm kidding. Ok, I'm not kidding.
   As if we need another reason to celebrate them, lets not forget the Miami Heat stepped up for the "Am I suspicious" campaign to raise awareness about the tragic death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Congrats to the Miami Heat the 2012 NBA Champs! 

In case ya'll forgot, Lebron James was the MVP of the season and MVP of the finals series.

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