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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

YEEN 'Bout That Life: 10 Signs You Aint as "Hood" as You Think You Are

"You aint bout that life." 
Fresh out of f*cks to give.
Some of ya'll say all the syllables. I'm southern so its more like "Yeen bout dat life." Ya'll get it. You may have heard people saying it and wondered what it meant. It is both a challenge and an insult. It is both a push and a pull. It is both disrespectful and motivational. I've seen some people define it as "The persona you portray is contrary to the actual individual that you are." Nobody really knows what it means, but its provocative. Gets the people goin!
I grew up in the hood. I don't mean "hood" as in short for neighborhood. I mean I grew up in a real hood with gangs, drug dealers, prostitutes and men with several unclaimed children. Remember when Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes said he once sold drugs? We grew up in the same hood. I never sold drugs tho and he didn't either. Even growing up in the hood, my parents didn't play. Thats why I was never about any life other than getting my education.

I like to think I USED to be about that life. That was before I realized the hood way of doing things is not the way to do things. Nam Sayin? Ya'll can judge but I know I'm not the only educated person with a little hood edge. I have street sense AND book smarts. Where the honeys at?

Young Professionals: We're young enough to still make mistakes, but we have enough life experience to be held to a higher standard. There comes a time for all young professionals who like to think we were raised in the hood to let go of the hood mentality. You have to outgrow your hood tendencies because you can no longer afford to be about that life. What life? Well that depends on the situation. 

10 signs you ain't bout that life...
10. Your response to a potential physical fight is "Hold up, don't let the (insert accomplishment or comment about outer appearance) fool you." You also think twice before allowing an argument to continue escalating. You ain't bout that lose your mind to prove your street cred life.  

9. You have a lot to lose. You have friends who also have a lot to lose. Ya'll aint bout that co-conspirator life. 

8. On a wild night out, no one in your crew is taking pictures of the crazy sh*t ya'll do. Ya'll aint bout that photographic trail of proof life. 

7. You don't get chocolate wasted in public. You aint bout that maximum poppage party life. 

6.  You remove yourself from a situation once it becomes questionably legal. You aint bout that run from the feds life. 

5. You let it slide when people bump you ONCE in a club. You aint bout that fighting in the club life until you realize they're bumping you on purpose. 

4. Your iPhone goes missing and after you realize you won't get it back, you simply report it stolen. You aint bout that Apple iThug life. 

3. You dance without your ass touching the floor. You aint bout that buss it open for complete strangers life. 

2. You show up to your full time job on time everyday. You aint bout that fast money life. 

1. You don't post incriminating things (i.e. posts about guns, drugs and sleeping at work) on social networks.  You aint crazy. You aint bout that setting a case up for the feds life.  

Yeen 'bout that life. I ain't 'bout that life. We're too old to be 'bout that life. Some of ya'll haven't even SEEN that life. Stop, before you hurt yourself. 

Since I know ya'll so well I'm gonna tell you what life you ARE 'bout: 
That CC your boss on a passive aggressive email life.

That delete your browsing history at work life. 

That pay your bills on time life.

That complain about your Sallie Mae payment life. 

That live within your means life.

That increase your credit score life. 

That budget money for vacations life. 

That I need an exit strategy because I hate my job life.

That I won't get a tattoo I can't cover up because I want a decent job life.

Thats the life you're about. You haven't been in a physical fight in over 8 years. You are not a thug. Just live with it.


Lance Woodley said...

Grad has really consumed my life. I now consider blogging a recess activity... lol... Back to the post!!!
Its funny because people who are about that life really want better for their life, but has been given no oppurtunity. People who ain't bout that life want to act like it, not knowing that if they were about that life they would wish for better.... I went to college with a bunch of guys like that.

Rickeysha G said...

Its the same thing with people claiming "I'm so ratchet." Most of them are not. They wouldn't survive 5 minutes with a REAL ratchet. The ones who really are ratchet don't really want to be. Sometimes I look at how carefree real ratchets live and I envy them. Gone and judge me lol

_thecocoamilf_ said...

This is my first time reading your blog. (I read LNHH for this week prior to this) You definately have a new fan. Keep up the positivity and laughter!

Rickeysha G said...

Awww shucks! I have a "fan?!" Thanks Cocoa(Can I call you Cocoa?)! Question: what does LNHH stand for?

Anonymous said...

Love this so true

LadyJUneek said...

I don't really know how to say this so I will just say it. I'll start with the fact that I really like the article because it highlights some of the strengths that "people from the hood" possess. (hell... a MENTION is an accomplishment)

I get this article, I really do... but if I may state my personal opinion. I use the phrase "unapologetically hood" and I mean it. I personally, would not categorize the "hood" way of doing things as the "wrong" way... I like to think of these instances/(similar)people/(similar)situations as the STRENGTHS OF "the hood". The fact is that no matter how small of a box people try to place us in; no matter how broad of a brush stroke they try to paint us with, we still show versatility, adaptability, sustainability and ingenuity.

"The hood" is birthplace to many successful people and events in this country's history, namely HeadStart and other diverse school curricula/educational programs, free lunch/food programs and free clinics (See: Black Panther Party). "The hood" embodies bartering and volunteerism. Instead of separating those of us who excel, according to society's standards, from "the hood", I like to count us a a symbol of resilience, poise and existentialism.

I, personally, see "hood bashing" as anti-black propaganda at times. "Hood", to me, doesn't automatically mean "no morale or proper judgement; destructive behavior". There are a plethora of examples of poor behaviors that exist in the hood but I would also like to take a second (literally) to highlight the fact that there are indeed, strengths (and people like myself and the author of this article), that emerge from "the hood".

Again, I do appreciate this article for shedding light on the fact that WE OUT CHEA!! Lol... and we are excelling...without a doubt...and we definitely aint about that "imma do stupid shit cause..yolo..and I dont care about my future" life. Respect.


Business of People said...

Man says he loves God but hates creation. Got to speak the truth. There has and continues to be a system in America and some parts of Europe totally engaged in conditioning society to play the role of a lesser person. We call it discrimination, but many don't understand the nature of why and how. For the record, Carter G. Woodson said, "you are only a black man, slave or nigger" in America. Sadly, after some traveling, I realized that the sub culture of "Hood" has made it's way across the world, and yes, with the help of this "Hood" life propagation which is steered through sell outs given a role in mainstream media, to depict a small reality as "REAL". Basically, we have disenfranchised, under educated, self loathing and limited thinkers, who are the bi-product of slavery, given a mouth piece to express a sort of acceptable ignorance as "culture". Now, for those of you who are offended, answer this question, Does racism exist? Who else would benefit by the design of creating a negative self image about being a person from the African Continent, Blessed by the Sun, disgracing themselves while broadcasting as an egoistic fool. How many "hood" people you know ever reach out to help others, very few, but instead of telling their story, we get overwhelmed with this BS impression, made by people who would sell their own kin to make it in an industry that pimps black people (singers, athletes, dancers, rappers even actors). How many of you have ever been asked to "sell out" just to make the dollar? And by judging general responses, I realize that many people are just like myself. I grew up in a rough area, but we knew we were being subjected, oppressed and faced racism from as close as a few blocks away. The difference is, we didn't give up, or give into the belief. So to hear a younger generation talking the "buck-and-shuffle" with pride, makes me wonder, how much more ignorant do we have to become before go "STOP"!

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