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Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Future of Music: Chief Keef & Fat Trel's "Russian Roulette"

Chi Town native Chief Keef has been the topic of discussion amongst music lovers and fairweather fans for the past few months. While some detest his brand of music and what they consider a lack of talent, he's still being talked about. Isn't that what matters? His name commands attention and his star is rising. He may not be the most lyrical artist but he managed to make his last song somethin like an anthem for the people. I'm not sure what the song is about but if you loved That shit I don't like you will love Russian Roulette.

Well Fat Trel's name is fitting. The titty gravy he was slanging in that video is too much for my young eyes. I had faith that hip-hop would bounce back after Soulja Boy told us to crank that Soulja Boy. I used to love that dance. I thought it was a fad. Surely people with real talent would rise to the surface and keep these other clowns out of the spotlight. I still had faith in the music industry after we let people with an eensy bit of talent transcend genres to superstardom, but after seeing a commercial for a movie about Katy Perry's career I have given up. As for Chief Keef his name sounds like the name of a fart to me but the kids like him so whatever. People like Chief Keef represent the future of the music industry. You mad?

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