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Monday, July 09, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Episode 4 Recap

In case you just started watching this amazing series, check out recaps of Episode 2 and Episode 3. Again, I missed the first run-through of the show so I had to catch the rerun. I'm hoping the first 3 minutes I missed were just a recap of things we've already seen.

10:03pm K. Michelle, Ariane and Mimi are sitting down as Mimi shares (thru tears) how Joseline revealed her pregnancy to her. They're having a pow-wow for hurt women. K. Michelle offers her ears to Mimi and the two are attempting to make a connection so they can "hurt" together. Ariane, the voice of reason, continues to encourage Mimi to move on. Mimi wants to move forward but she's stupid. She wants to do better but she doesn't know better. I don't believe she really wants to move on.
10:05pm Momma Dee stops by Lil Scrappy's new crib to check out his new home. Her earrings are a hideous combo of feathers and dangly chains. Looks like a rented house to me. Don't ask me how I know. Just know he doesn't have any personal pictures on the wall or any accent walls.  Lil Scrappy talks about the joys of having his own place as if its the first time he ever lived alone. Scrappy Doo explains to his mom how Ericka is ok with them not being together although he's never had that conversation with her. Pretty sure she is not ok with it. Scrap explains how his friendship with some woman named Shay Bukeey Johnson is platonic. Wait a minute? Buckeey? Like Flavor of Love Buckeey?! I'm not calling her no damn SHAY! Her name is Buckeey. Flav called her Buckeey, imma call her Buckeey LOL!

Scrap tells his mom about the altercation between Erica and Stevie J. His mom still calls him the Prince of the South. Thats cute. Momma says nobody cares who Stevie J is. She tells him "Make him answer...check him." I can tell she's such a positive role model. Just realized a friend of mine has a tile pattern just like the star tat Scrap has on his neck. Tattoo fail. 
10:08pm Joseline greets Stevie at the door of her place. She's still in shock that he denied their imaginary baby. Stevie says he's "sellabent" and no hard up for no (beep). I don't believe the fraud he's sellin. Stebie Stebie Stebie *Joseline voice* He cooked her breakfast then took her to get an abortion. Stebie is so considerate. "All I want from Stebie is the truff. I gabe him mah hawt my sew" We still need subtitles, VH1! "Habe you ebba weally lubbed me Stebie?" WTF does that mean? Stevie and Joseline kissed and I threw up a little in my mouth. 
10:16pm We're at Erica's crib. Erica is wearing a maxi dress covered in palm trees and native plants. Her mom is wearing the kind of hairstyle Escape rocked in the 90s: Fingerwaves with the hair out in the back. Anyway Erica thinks Scrappy is going to put a ring on it. Erica's mom points out how they're hustling ass backwards by living separately. Its something we all knew. Erica is still trying to convince herself and she isn't doing a good job. I love love and I'm not even buying this shit.

10:18pm Kirk pulls up to the home he and Rasheeda share. The two are about to have a romantic dinner. Rasheeda is beautiful. Her tacky tattoos make that so hard to recognize. Kirk acknowledges how he felt special. Kirk's shirt is Blue Man Group blue.

10:20pm Mimi meets Stevie. OHHH MY GOOODDDD he's wearing a vest! I can't breathe. He's wearing a vest without a shirt under it. I can't breeve!!! Mimi drops a few f-bombs while wearing velour pants the color of the pink panther. She's a real thug now. Gworl we so scared of you. Stevie is so scared of you. At this point, I'm 1000% sure Stevie's game has to be his money and his peen cuz his mouth piece aint hittin on nothin. Now, I don't get how Mimi is moving on while continuing to live in the home he purchased but I'm chillin. OMG Stevie is still wearing the vest! His chest is out! He needs to chill out!

10:26pm Lawwwddd where did they find Benzino?! This see through nicca is gonna give advice? These two washed up hags should just kiss for the cameras. Isn't the show scripted anyway? Stevie is still wearing this COT damn vest! iCan't! Stevie claims he wants to make Mimi happy. Benzino tells him to keep is peen in his pants. Keep the P in your P and step up to the plate. Oh, and they can't say monogamous.

10:30pm We're back at Scrappy Doo's house and he's getting a visit from his best friend Buckeey. For some reason he chooses to disrespect Flavor Flav's genius by calling her Shay. I'll just put this on the table: Buckeey and Scrappy are f*ckin. They are not just friends. If you don't believe me you're in denial. They're not just chilling. Scrappy says the two are "more than friends." Didn't we all just get hit with an obvious stick?! Buckeey asks Scrap to lather her up with sunscreen. Why doesn't her weave have a part though?

10:33pm Joseline is in dance rehearsals. Where did she find jegging shorts? Stevie J shows up dressed like an off duty ninja turtle. He's surprised the abortion messed up things between the two of them. It looks like he's wearing a superhero costume. Why are Joseline's braids so thin at the ends? Who did that to her? Joseline pretty much confesses Stevie is the only man she's been with post-op. That explains why she's so in love with him. I wish her the best of luck on her journey to become the next drag superstar. Stevie wants them to be the next Bonnie & Clyde. I'm gonna go with NO.

10:41pm Erica and Scrappy are together outside of the studio waiting for Stevie J. Like a real messy heffa would do, Erica points out Stevie J. I'm not surprised. She thinks this is normal. Stevie starts apologizing for calling her a bitch. He seems sincere. Scrappy interjects AFTER the apology and the script obviously calls for him to escalate the situation. Scrap was never taught that a genuine apology buries the situation. Scrap gives a scenario that involves him calling Joseline a bitch. Scrap has removed his shirt. We now know this is the episode we've been teased with footage from for the past 2 weeks. Bravo vh1! Joseline still has those struggling braids doe. Scrappy Doo put them paws on Stevie and managed not to say "Lemme at em. Lemme at em." Erica and Joseline fight (I think) or fall in the bushes hugging. I wonder how many times they rehearsed this? Looks like a bunch of hugging to me. Joseline fell twice. She aint really bout that life. Both groups load up in their cars and leave.

10:49pm Scrap is yelling at Stevie calling him a “sucka bitch” claiming no one will get a check in the A. Who the hell is he to say something like that? He didn't even have the hardest verse on Knuck if you Buck. Erica is being carried away and still continues to threaten Joseline. She draws some satisfaction from this. To her, Scrap is showing his love for her. No one can tell me anything different.

10:50pm Rasheeda recounts the night of the fight with Mimi and K. Michelle. It looks like K. Michelle has a tattoo of Winne The Pooh on her arm. Can't trust grown women with cartoon character tats. Erica joins the crew wearing earrings made from recycled dominoes dipped in gold. Rasheeda is wearing way too much jewelry. I just realized Erica fought Joseline for Mimi. Thats what petty hoes do. They fight each other's battles when they have nothing to do with it and talk about it over lunch.

10:57pm Joseline invited Stebie ova fa bweakfah. She's wearing that baby hair wig again. She looks like a wig mannequin. They twosome recount the events of that night and Stevie expresses his disappointment with the way Joseline inserted herself and "popped off at the mouth." Joseline says Stevie makes it easy for her not to trust him. I think thats what she said. I could have made that up because I can't understand what she's really saying. Stevie vows to teach Scrap a lesson *Stevie J eyes*

Watch the full episode here

Next time, Scrappy has an asthma attack, Karlie and K. Michelle will argue and Mimi will continue to lie about moving on from Stevie J. I'll be tuned in!!! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I loved reading your recap of Love and Hip Hop! I was laughing my butt all the way through it, especially when I seen the Joseline photo and the caption, lol! This show is definitely some drama and I am addicted to it. I try to watch it when it comes on but sometimes I work late at Dish so I have to catch the re-runs too or I just go to Dish Online on my computer. Either way I am caught up pretty quick.

Rickeysha said...

hahahahaha thanks! Jose errr I mean Joseline is my favorite person. I tune in JUST to see her and those Steebie J eyes!

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