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Monday, July 23, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Episode 6 Recap

Y'all know what it is! Its Monday so that means its Love & Ratchetlanta time.

I'm not sure whats gonna go down in this episode but it looks like we're gonna get to see Keyshia Cole 2.0's first video and Francine aka Buckeey aka Shay is gonna cement herself as more than a guest star. Lets get this party started. 
8:03pm Viewers have the pleasure of witnessing Hoesaylina's photoshoot. Holy shit she's wearing a lime green tutu!! She's about 3 years behind on the tutu trend. Anyone wearing a tutu today over the age of 7 is a basic bitch. Stevie questions her about texting Mimi and she admits texting her threats in response to how Mimi has treated her. Stevie finally checks her about her behavior and says she's disrespecting his family. That shirt he's wearing is clean doe. He looks like a walking Independence Day celebration. 
8:05pm  They still wanna call this heffa Shay. Her name is Buckeey dammit!! Anyway, she's meeting with Momma Dee and shares that she and Scrap have decided to be more than friends. Buckeey is concerned about getting hurt. Nobody cares. Lowkey, she's more concerned with getting camera time tho. She looks like Francine from Arthur. Francine's wig looks horrible. I'm pretty sure that wig makes her head sweat. Mama Dee is too old to be this petty. I'm glad she's not my mom. 

8:08pm Oooh remember the 808s and Heartbreaks album? Karlie and Mimikins meet up to clear the air. I'm pretty sure they used to hustle nigs together and Karlie is hurt because Mimi left the game before her. Yo Mimi is a lil scary ass trick. She talked all that crap behind Karlie's back and now she's tryna distance herself from it. It doesn't take long for Karlie to go back to being her messy self. She is too old for this siht. She's giving me a Lynn Whitfield from "Thin Line Between Love & Hate" vibe. 

8:15pm Damn that was a long ass commercial break. KC 2.0 and Karlie meet up to see how much more camera time they can squeeze out of their "beef." Karlie is in the middle of a photoshoot. The script writers suck man. Why is KC 2.0 fanning when they're inside? Its too hot in Atlanta for them to be somewhere that doesn't have the inside dew. Karlie tries to convince KC 2.0 that she's classy and not messy. We don't believe it gworl.  As KC 2.0 leaves she tells Karlie "I like your pink dress" and I bout rolled off the couch. 

8:17pm Joseline is in her apt with one of her friends who decided to wear a headscarf on camera. Home girl looks like a hood ass chiquita banana. Joseline has a tattoo that says "maneater." There is so much material in that alone. Joseline is a boss bitch tho. She's not letting Stevie run circles around her the way he does Mimi. I can respect that. I can't respect this babyhair wig and these brown lips tho. Jose drops the bomb that she's been recruiting producers behind Steebie J's back. 
8:19pm We're about to see Rasheeda's "Marry Me" video. I watched it yesterday. If y'all haven't seen it you're not missing anything. They're doing a launch party to an empty crowd. Gworl you so successful. Rasheeda is wearing hoops with lip charms. At least we can tell she tried to be cute.Y'all shol got it together. 
8:25pm Scrap wants to work things out with Erica. Thats a lie. He wants things to be cordial between them so she can take it easy on the child support. They're in Erica's apartment, which looks empty. Is she moving? Scrap is about to ask Erica to look out for him on the child support tip. He doesn't want to be with her but he doesn't want to be forced to support his child. I'm not sure why he's wearing a bubble vest. Erica just needs to accept all she is is the baby mama and thats all she will ever be. Scrappy is broke and he's still tryna live that hip-hop royalty life. Erica is putting him on blast and I'm enjoying it. Too many people try to live beyond their means and Lil Scrappy's washed up ass is one of em. We get to see the other side of hip-hop: nigs who pop bottles but don't take care of their kids.

8:29pm We're at Benzino's crib and he's having dinner with Karlie. This ninja made dinner and Karlie is ready to drop her panties off the strength of a one course meal and some garlic bread. Girl bye. Basic hoes are so impressed by a ninja who can repeat the same question they just asked in a different way. I can't get over how basic this is. After one convo & some beef stir fry she's ready to start dating Benzino. Benfuckingzino!!! They kiss an ol nasty passionate kiss. They bout to get it in. You don't kiss like that and walk away.

8:32pm My eyes are still burning after watchin that kiss. Rasheeda is at lunch with KC 2.0 discussing her launch party fail. Rasheeda thinks management is the problem so she is seeking outside management. Rasheeda does not have a chance at having a career. I just needed to throw that out there. Rasheeda's marriage is on the rocks because her husband Kirk is her manager and her career is in the sewer.  KC 2.0 says she would hate for Rasheeda to ruin her marriage for the sake of an industry that doesn't love her back. I'd say she's right. 

8:39pm Rasheeda is meeting with Deb Antney aka Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane's manager. Also worth noting is that she managed Nicki Minaj in the beginning stages of her career. I hope ya'll can see auntie Deb's hair. Its feathered like the wings of an eagle. Auntie Deb is an American icon. Y'all need to pay homage. Deb explains to Rasheeda how she could have been "Georgia's Peach." I don't want to think of her as a Georgia Peach. I like Georgia Peaches. 
8:42pm Stevie J meets up with Benzino. I just noticed Ol Zino's neck has merged with his head and shoulders. They all look like one body part. Zino tells how he woo'd Karlie out of her panties. The "couple" is not wasting any time as they have plans to meet each other's families. They have their eyes on a spin-off. Stevie J throws shade on Karlie and tells Zino about the drama she caused. Stevie says he will never lose Mimi even if he gets deterred by Halle Berry or Janet Jackson. He says all he needs to do is get Mimi alone. He knows he has Mimi dickmatized. Can't be mad at him. 

8:48pm  Erica is meeting her mom, Mingnon, to talk about her struggles with Scrap. Mingnon's hairstyle is finally in the 2000s. She's catching up. Erica tells how she's been asking Scrappy for money but he hasn't been stepping up. Mama lays down the law and tells Erica she will not be taking Scrappy off of child support. 

8:50pm Kirk and Rasheeda are at home discussing their professional relationship. Rasheeda breaks the news that she met with another manager. Kirk is hurt. He has been down with her since day 1 and he is not happy. I hope he doesn't cry but I kinda wanna see him cry. Rasheeda is hard headed. She's tired of being a local celebrity and she wants more. She's tryna be the next Nicki Minaj. It aint hap'nin. Rasheeda starts crying and Kirk doesn't skip a beat. I get the feeling she cries a lot. I mean Beyonce had to fire her daddy so its logical that Rasheeda would wanna fire her husband. 
8:57pm Mimikins meets up with Joseline. A chick sent me a message on Facebook about the guy I was dating once. I wasn't as calm as Mimi and it didn't end well for her. Joseline apologizes for sending the text messages. Joseline says she could overhear Mimi talkin shit about her when she calls Stevie and she's around. Mimi grows balls and tells Joseline a few words. I salute Joseline for tryna get out in front of this situation. She apologized on some grown woman steez but Mimi doesn't believe her. I don't blame Mimi for not trusting her. Why are you tryna be nice to be though? Thats why I don't trust these hoes. 

On the next episode we see Stevie J & Mimi's drama continue to unfold, Rasheeda and Kirk's marriage is still on the rocks, Lil Scrappy & Buckeey deal with the child support issue and Benzino gives Karlie a key. I'll be tuned in!! 

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