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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Matt Barnes Racked up $26k in Parking Tickets & Ratchet Links

Matt Barnes who? LOL! Matt Barnes stars in the latest episode of "Arrested NBA Player." What was he popped for? Allegedly threatening a police officer.  According to TMZ, the star's (I use that term loosely) bail included $26k for an unpaid traffic warrant for driving on a suspended license. Where the phuck was he parking? Why are there people driving w/suspended licenses? Although the on-and-off boo of Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan has been released on bail it looks like this is just the beginning. Matt Barnes, girl you so ratchet. 

TheyBF-Somebody gave Meek Mill a magazine cover. 
WSHH-Chris Tucker is back & tryna pay the IRS. 
ProBlogger- Make $30,000/year blogging full time. Go get your blessing. 
GlobalGrind-2Chainz thinks its cool to be smart.  
C&D-Somaya Reece went from chunky to chic. No shade. 
Toysldrs-A breakdown of durag types LOL! 
Bossip-Flashback to Nicki Minaj before the implants & gimmicks.
PrettierThanPerez-Joseline & Somaya are NOT beefing.

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