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Thursday, July 05, 2012

A NEW Reality: DC Strippers Want a Show Too

The reality show money train is still rollin. This time the train made a stop in DC. Strip Club Queens tells the story of 5 strippers who will live their "real life" in front of a lens. Peep their trailer below. WARNING: The footage is NFW!

Shot on location in DC featuring the famous Stadium Club, the series will follow Miami,  Lona, Ally, Illy and Cierra as they show strip club goers and aspiring strippers alike what its REALLY like to be a naked hustler. Viewers will see their sacrifices, the allure of the strip club game, and the girls' journey to find a way out. Can we get a show about recent grads tryna pay back Sallie Mae doe?

Seems like the same drama we've all come to expect with a touch of nudity and another bunch of women who don't care about fighting on screen. Considering the recent rise in the fascination with the strip club life, I think the show will get picked up. I've been to Stadium once or twice and the faces look familiar so I'll be watching (LOL!) Will you be watching?

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