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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PHOTO OF THE DAY & Ratchet Innanet Links dancer Vanity Wonder(above) took butt injections to another level spending over $15,000 on illegal booty juice. Wonder wrote about her experience in her book Ass Shots. 
YouTube- Funky Dineva's hair is layed like...the LAHHATL ratchets. 
C&D-This is the part where you get to point at your screen and laugh at LisaRaye rapping. 
WSHH-Lil Wayne and Big Sean's latest video is literally a circus. Peep the behind the scenes footage. 

Peep the links from around the interwebs below. 
KidFury-Getting matching tats is a requirement for dating Chris Brown. 
GlobalGrind- Fox news cunt Sean Hannity, offered to pay George Zimmerman's legal fees.  

By the way, you look nice today.

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