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Friday, July 27, 2012

PHOTO OF THE DAY & Ratchet Innanet Links

Earlier today, First Lady Michelle Obama began fulfilling her official duties as leader of the entire U.S. Olympics delegation. FLOTUS  met the team at their homebase in East London where she posed for pics with players and addressed the group from a podium. She later met up with hottie David Beckham and played sports as part of her Let's Move campaign. I don't doubt FLOTUS will continue showing her patriotism through her outfit choices. Gotta love her! 

I am so excited to watch the athletes compete on the world stage! I never competed in an Olympic sport but if parallel parking while texting was an actual sport I'd at least get a bronze medal. The opening ceremonies will be broadcast on NBC tonight at 7:30pm. 

WSHH-To call them bad ass kids would be an understatement

YouTube- Dora is tryna take her bilingual talents to the big screen.

KidFury-Katt Stacks is still a human being. 

HipHopWired-Somebody told Drake he was an original. Have several seats. 

C&D-Antoine "Hide yo kids" Dodson says he aint beefin w/Chick-fil-A.

MTV-Officer Rick Ross explains the real meaning behind his song "Diced Pineapples"

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