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Monday, July 23, 2012

Flo Rida is STILL performing & Ratchet Links

Flo-Rida and his coontastic mic performed last night at the Teen Choice Awards. He looks like an extra from Homeboys in Outerspace but I'm chillin. 

WSHH- Rasheeda (of LAHHATL & supa local shows) dropped the video for her song "Marry Me." I'm tone deaf and I couldn't get thru the whole video.

YouTube- Momma Dee hit the skrippa pole to show love for her son, the Prince of EBT Lil Scrappy. Chile I guess.

Kid Fury-There is a petition to stop Ciara from making music. *muffles laughter* The REAL story is in the comments of the petition!

Tumblr- The 90 types of bitches, but if you ask me I think they missed a few.

CNN- John McCain told Michelle Bachman to eat a dick. Ok not in so many words but I can tell thats what he meant!

TMZ-Penn State's football program is in a coma and we're all fresh outta fcks left to give. 

WashingtonCityPaper-Vincent Gray, DC's embattled Mayor, had a tough morning. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

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