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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day-Juvenile's "Back that A$$ Up"

This song mannnnn.
This song!
Clawd hammercy.
This song!
This song is magical.
Its special beyond words.
This song will hyp-na-tize ya *Biggie voice*
Go ahead, turn the volume down a few notches and twerk a lil somethin at your desk. Listen with me.

The scene at the clubs when this song comes on is ALWAYS bananas. That violin drops at the beginning of the beat and all of a sudden the playing field is leveled. Girls with and without degrees are competing and big booty girls have all the advantages. Every woman who hears this song goes ratchet immediately. The fellas enjoy the show and since everybody gets ratchet no one can judge. You might even hear a collective "oooh thats my song!" DJs save this joint for when they really wanna crank it up. Remember, after you back it up then drop that is when you drop it like its hot.

Shame on Drake for touchin this classic.

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